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Elagabalus. Imperator Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius Felix Augustus Proconsul. Project by Nathan Ching. Childhood Experiences. Born Varius Avitus Bassianus in 203 in Syria Hereditary high priest of Elagabal

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Marcus Aurelius AntoninusPius Felix

Augustus Proconsul

Project by Nathan Ching

Childhood experiences

Childhood Experiences

  • Born Varius Avitus Bassianus in 203 in Syria

  • Hereditary high priest of Elagabal

  • After a lie spread by his mother saying he was the son of Caracalla, Elagabalus convinced the camp of the 3rd Legion Gallica to name him emperor

  • His victory at Antioch in 218 against troops loyal to Macrinus signified the beginning of his reign as emperor at age 14 (he had no prior military experience)

Personal relations

Personal Relations

  • Elagabalus married 3 wives (though some say as many as 5): Julia Cornelia Paula (219), Julia Aquilia Severa (220), Annia Faustina (221)

  • He was very homosexual (or bisexual whichever way you look at it) which disgusted the Roman public

  • He “married a Carian slave named Hierocles

Religion and personality

Religion and Personality

  • Elagabalus was very dedicated to Elagabalus, the god he prayed to

  • He moved the Elagabalus cult icon, a black stone from the temple at Emesa in Syria to a new temple he built to Elagabalus in Rome, the Elagaballium

  • He sacrificed sheep and cattle to his god every morning

  • Elagabalus was very flamboyant

Personal opinion

Personal Opinion

  • I hated Elagabalus. He’s gross, he didn’t earn his position, and he really didn’t do much.

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