The biggest contribution of testing and verifying email addresses
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The Biggest Contribution of Testing and Verifying Email Addresses PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here are reasons why most businesses test email address as an important step on the email marketing

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The Biggest Contribution of Testing and Verifying Email Addr...

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The Biggest Contribution of Testing and Verifying Email Addresses

In this modern world of technologies, hundreds of ways are created to test email address.

Testing is a vital step in email marketing that helps to ensure that the messages will get across its intended manner. But what is the importance of test email address?

Here are reasons why most businesses test email address as an important step on the email marketing:

Data collection processes include email verification which means accurate data opens more marketing opportunities. This is because customers are receiving the message on a consistent basis.

As the business grows, the business owner will likely to invest a lot of time into marketing strategies and email marketing campaigns. Inaccurate email address will end up consuming a large part of information database which means that important information, order confirmation, and target messages will never receive by the customers.

There are times that someone will enter the email of another into the business opt-in list without their permission. Testing email address, businesses are assured that they are communicating a real person, not with a bogus email address.

Test email address is likely similar to verify email address at some point. So, how to verify an email address?

By sending emails

Create a free email address with a service like Google but do not put personal data.

Sign in and create a message.

Paste the email address you’re trying to verify.

Then send the message and wait for several minutes up to 1 hour and look if the email bounces back.

By creating address location

Go back to the emailed received from a unified email.

Click on the “options” for the email address.

Select the “view message source” by simply clicking on an arrow below the email address that shows all the sender details.

Look for an IP address that is normally found in “received from” in front of this code that includes a series of 4 numbers with a period separating them.

Go to a visual trace route tool in the web browser and copy the IP address and locate whether it is localized.

By internet search

Type the email address into a search query and wait for the result to pop up. If the email is associated with social media account it is more likely to be valid.

Validate email addresses:

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