Understanding legislative issues for nurse practitioners
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Understanding Legislative Issues for Nurse Practitioners PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding Legislative Issues for Nurse Practitioners. An appeal to consolidate our power. Last year. Two APRN Bills introduced: Clinical Lab Bill: Passed CS Authority : Not even read. 15 YEARS. 15 years of:. Studies that show we are safe providers. False rumors by the FMA.

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Understanding Legislative Issues for Nurse Practitioners

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Understanding Legislative Issues for Nurse Practitioners

An appeal to consolidate our power

Last year

  • Two APRN Bills introduced:

  • Clinical Lab Bill: Passed

  • CS Authority : Not even read.

15 YEARS...

15 years of:

  • Studies that show we are safe providers.

  • False rumors by the FMA.

  • Being ignored by state legislators

Are you Happy?

  • Are you satisfied that you are currently able to provide the most complete care to your patients?

  • Do you like having to get approval to order controlled substances?

  • Do you like your orders being refused by hospitals without co signatures on them?

  • Is it fun to not be able to order medical equipment for your patients?

  • Do you look forward to telling patients families that you cannot sign the death certificate and their loved one will need an autopsy?

  • Is it comforting to know that because you cannot Baker Act a patient they will be unable to access care?


Of course not.



And the Answer is:


We need to change our game plan

This is NOT an Impossible Dream

Others have fought and won hard battles

His dream became reality

Their dream became reality

President Wilson ignored them until…

Their actions drew bad press

Then President Wilson had a different view of things

“Power is never given, it is always taken” – Pius Godwin and ?


  • That all people in Florida will someday have access to safe affordable health care.

  • That all Advanced Practice Registered Nurses will be able to provide the care for which they were educated.

  • That Florida’s health care will move into the 21st century.

So how do we get there?

Follow other states: IDAHO, ARIZONA

NEW coalition.

APRNs have taken the lead.

APRNs United

  • Formally Organize / No one shut out

  • Unite with all State APN groups

  • Start PAC solely dedicated to APRN issues

  • Coordinated Public Relations Campaign

  • Targeted Legislative Efforts

  • Donate Time, Talent, Treasure

How an idea becomes law

  • Citizen or group suggests legislation

  • Senator or Representative agrees a law is needed

  • Bill is written

  • Bill is filed with Secretary and numbered

  • First reading senate/house president refers to committee

The Committee

  • Bill is read

  • Bill is voted upon

  • If favorable is placed on calendar to be read again in another committee, and if voted upon in that committee moves to the third committee.

  • Then it moves to the house or senate where it goes through a similar process.

  • Some bills are placed on special order calendars and the process is expedited.

The Governor

  • If the house or senate find it favorable, then it goes to the Governors office for signature

  • Or

  • Veto

  • Or to become law without signature

How a bill Really becomes law

  • Welcome to the big leagues ($$)

  • We must learn to play .

  • This is the reality of POLITICS ($$)

How a bill REALLY becomes Law

$$ MONEY $$ makes the world go round!

  • Perception is reality

  • Media attention makes a difference

  • Make the issue a Bigger stick

The game:

  • Donate large sums of money to a politician’s election or re-election campaign

  • Work on the election campaign

  • Give the politician awards

  • Concentrate on committee members.

  • Have local constituents call and write.

  • Use PR to highlight the talking points.

  • And again: Donate, Donate, Donate (TIME, TALENT, TREASURE)

One organization’s example

  • Statewide membership organization

  • Has developed a grass roots action committee

  • Has multiple lobbyists and PACs

  • Can get big bucks into the hands of Reps fast

  • Members who pledge 500 a year to legislative efforts (1,000 per election cycle).

  • The first $500 goes into a PAC fund for essentially a public relations campaign and donations

  • The second $500 is a check that is made out to a representative and is overnighted to a regional coordinator who then delivers the check to the Representative.

  • Who is this organization?


The Players

The main players are the Committee members

The other players are the deep pockets

Senate President and House Speaker

  • Assign committee chairs and memberships.

  • They too are heavily influenced by donation money

Political Action Committees

  • Limits on contributions received;

  • No limits if for issues - only

  • $500 per election if ANY candidate supported


  • Lobbyists work together

  • Coalition involves all APRNs

  • FNPN PAC media campaign.

  • Legislative Liaison

  • Statewide grassroots org

  • FNPN Committee of 1,000


  • This is NOT Scope of Practice, and is NOT about physicians.

  • Letters from patients pre written

  • Business card campaign

  • Phone calls from patients using the business cards an citizens, especially in the districts where these legislators live

Personal Strategy

  • We need the united effort of every single APRN in this state.

  • PAC Donations Very important

  • Join the Committee of 1,000

  • Become a Legislative Liaison or work with your groups liaison

Personal Strategy

  • Write out letters and put stamps on those envelops for your patients.

  • Print out business cards with the names and phone numbers of the house and senate members blocking our bills. Pass them out to patients.

  • Sign up for cap wiz alerts on FNPN web site

  • Go to lobby days, write editorials, call your legislators


Personal Strategy

I would like to get involved by:

Voting for ______ for State Representative/Senator

Hosting a reception or coffee at your home or business

Telephoning or emailing voters

Delivering/Placing Yard Signs for Election Day

Walking Door to Door

Helping on Election Day

Attending Events and handing out literature

We Have a Winning Team

We Can Be Victorious

If we sow the seeds of Victory



Find out who your representative and your senator are, then make at least one visit.

Join the Committee of 1000.

Take one action per week toward passing the CS law each week until the end of the legislative session.

Spread the word.

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