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Simulated gravity
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SIMULATED GRAVITY!. Raelyn and Alyssa. Wikipedia defines simulated gravity as:

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Simulated gravity


Raelyn and Alyssa

Simulated gravity

Wikipedia defines simulated gravity as:

The varying (increase or decrease) of apparent gravity (g-force) via artificial means, particularly in space, but also on the Earth. It can be practically achieved by the use of some different forces, particularly the centrifugal force, "fictitious force", and (for short periods) linear acceleration

Simulated gravity


  • Used in space to get rid of the weightless effect of space

  • Weightlessness can cause health problems if exposed over long period of time including decreases in bone density

How to create simulated gravity in space

How to create simulated gravity in space

  • Requirements- spinning space station

  • Acceleration felt by the astronaut due to centripetal force ac=v^2/r

  • The faster the space ship spins, the greater the centripetal acceleration felt by aforementioned astronaut

  • To create the same gravity as on earth you would need a small diameter structure and rotate at high speeds

    • 1 g=earths gravity



  • For a rotating space habitat of a given size, what is the relationship between the magnitude of simulated gravity and the habitats rate of spin?

    the faster the spin the more gravity

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