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WELCOME!. Class of 2016. Why Manual?. #1 high school in the state for academics One of the top high schools in the nation Colleges recognize Manual students 97% of our students go to 4-year universities 43 National Merit & Achievement Semifinalists 70% of students have 3.0 GPA or higher

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Class of 2016

Why Manual?

  • #1 high school in the state for academics

  • One of the top high schools in the nation

  • Colleges recognize Manual students

  • 97% of our students go to 4-year universities

  • 43 National Merit & Achievement Semifinalists

  • 70% of students have 3.0 GPA or higher

  • Average ACT composite score of 26

It is a privilege to be a Manual student!But, with this privilege comes great responsibility…

  • Very competitive environment

  • Heavy, demanding work-load

  • Must have strong, consistent study habits

  • Can be a stressful atmosphere

  • Must be organized


Descriptions Included:

  • Letter from Principal Larry Wooldridge

  • Scheduling Instructions

  • High School Graduation Requirements; Additional Diploma Requirements

  • Course Level Descriptions; Advance Program

  • Commonwealth Diploma; Advanced Placement Information and Courses

  • Grading System; Grade Reporting; High School Student Support; Course Enrollment Points of Emphasis

  • NCAA Clearinghouse Information

  • Scheduling Directions


  • Four credits of English

  • Four credits of Math

  • Three credits of Science

  • Three credits of Social Studies

  • Two credits of the same Foreign Language (3 for Advance Program)

  • One credit of Humanities or HAVPA or a Four Year Specialization in the Arts (Advanced Humanities for Advance Program)

  • One half credit each of Health and PE (or full year of FOD)

  • One credit in Computer Applications or have passed the JCPS 21st Century Technology Exam in middle school with an 80% or have passed the IC-3 Exam in high school

  • Enough Electives to total 23 credits or above


  • Requires the student to take 4 AP classes

  • AP English; AP Math or Science; AP Foreign Language; One other AP Class

  • Must take the AP exams and pass at least 3 of them with a score of 3 or better

  • The Commonwealth Diploma is the state of Kentucky’s most prestigious diploma

  • At graduation, a student will earn both their regular diploma and a Commonwealth Diploma

  • Some Manual students graduate with 14-16 AP classes and pass all of the AP exams but do not earn the Commonwealth Diploma because they did not take an AP Foreign Language Class

How to handle “Manual”?

  • Time Management

  • Good Attendance

  • Get Organized

  • Know Your Teachers’ Rules

  • Ask for Help

  • Get to Know Your Teachers and Counselor

  • Get Involved

  • Make a Friend in Each Class

  • Use Your Agenda Book

  • Get a Life! All work and no play is not the answer!

Get Organized!!!

  • Use your agenda book

  • Separate notebooks/binders/folders

    for each class

  • 2 backpacks

  • Do homework at home

  • Use your study skills time

  • Know your teacher’s rules

  • No late work

  • Find a friend in each class

  • Request homework for extended absences

Helpful Tips

  • Work after school with your teacher

  • NHS in library (before/after school)

  • Forming study groups with other students in your class

  • Checking your grades regularly with your teacher

  • Use your agenda

  • Structure study time at home

  • Participate in class

  • Maintain healthy lifestyle

What your counselor can do for you?

  • Guidance counseling

  • Personal issues

  • Family issues

  • College applications

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

  • Help advise/resolve conflict

  • Much more!

How do you see your counselor?

  • Drop by times:

    • Before school

    • After school

    • During lunch

    • During study skills


  • If counselor is unavailable:

    • Leave a note with the clerk at the front desk.

    • Email counselor

Top 10 things Seniors wish they had known as Freshmen

  • Don’t procrastinate—get left behind

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

  • It’s not at all like middle school!

  • Always take a study skills—you need it!

  • Get involved—extracurricular very important

  • Choose friends wisely

  • Never give up!

  • Make friends

  • Get help immediately—NHS tutoring or from your teacher

  • Study Hard! Grades/GPA begin your 9th grade year and do not go away on your transcript

Ways to Get Involved

  • Join a club

  • Try out for a sport

  • Be in a play

  • Check out opportunities at YPAS if you love drama, dance, music

  • Leadership

  • Volunteer/community service


  • List of classes taken

  • Provides credit summary

  • Only semester grades are included

  • GPA: grade point average (Unweighted & Weighted)

  • Failed classes do not disappear

  • Levels of courses

    • Regular

    • Honors (Hon)

    • Advanced (Adv)

    • Advanced Placement (AP)

Weighted Scale

(Advanced Placement Courses Only)






Unweighted Scale






Advanced Placement

  • Most challenging courses offered at Manual

  • Opportunity for college credit

  • Must take 4 or more AP courses to be considered most rigorous

  • Colleges look at the number of AP courses you take along with your GPA

  • AP exam is given at the end o the year

Advanced Program

  • JCPS incentive program

  • Students make a certain score on the Advanced Program test at the end of the 8th grade year

  • Students must maintain at least 3.0 GPA, take 3 yrs of same world language, take minimum of 12 advanced classes, & take Advanced Humanities

  • Seal on your diploma

  • Do not have to be Advanced Program to take Advanced classes



1st Semester2nd Semester

1st 6-week progress report4th 6-week progress report

2nd 6-week progress report5th 6-week progress report

3rd 6 week Semester Grade6th 6-week Semester Grade

(final grade on transcript) (final grade on transcript)


  • Stay on top of your grades

  • Get help if you see that your grades are falling

  • Turn your assignments in on time

  • Do all of your homework assignments

Problems in a Class?




Student-Teacher-Parent-Counselor-ASST PRINCIPAL


  • Comprehensive Classes – very basic high school diploma

  • Honors Program (HNR) - Manual’s challenging regular pace college preparatory classes designed for the college bound student

  • Advanced Program (ADV) - higher rigor accelerated instruction for academically gifted and talented students

  • Dual Credit Classes (DUAL) - these classes are advanced classes that a student may earn dual college credit at JCTC, Bellarmine, or UofL - requires a minimum ACT/SAT score and GPA to receive the dual credit

  • Advanced Placement (AP) - Manual’s most rigorous courses developed and sanctioned by the College Board. These courses require special teacher training and a prescribed accelerated curriculum culminating with an AP Exam in May. Students enrolling in AP courses should be self-motivated, demonstrate strong reading and writing skills, and be willing to devote the time necessary for success

Review 4 year magnet planning sheet

(back of booklet)

CMA p. 7

HSU p. 8

MST p. 9

VA p. 10


* HNR English I – B’s and C’s, not a strength, prefer a regular pace

* ADV English I – A’s, strength, accelerated pace

Place an ‘X’ in the column beside your choice.


  • Algebra I – Have not had Algebra I

  • HNR Algebra I – Have had part of Alg. I but will not complete the Alg. I textbook

  • ADV Geometry – Will have completed the Algebra I textbook, math is a strength, accelerated pace (on track for Calculus AB in the senior year)

    (math placement test for all students)

    Place an ‘X’ in the column beside your choice.


  • ADV Integrated Science – science is a strength / accelerated pace

  • HNR Integrated Science – not a strength / prefer a normal paced course

    Place an ‘X’ in the column beside your choice.

*Social Studies

  • ADV Exploring Civics

  • AP (Advanced Placement) Human Geography – The only AP (college level) course offered to freshman. Mature, organized, significant amount of reading. Strong comprehension skills, commitment to large amounts of reading.

    (CMA and VA – Choose either SS or World Lang.)

  • Place an ‘X’ in the column beside your choice.

*Foreign Language***See front of flyer

  • HNR Level I – has no prior instruction / for the student who prefers a regular pace / would remain at honors level each year

  • ADV Level I – No more than one year of middle school FL / accelerated pace (Advanced Program pacing)

  • ADV Level 2 – 2 or more years of instruction at the middle school level. Understand the basics / accelerated pace

    Mark 1st choice with ‘X’. Mark alternate language as ‘F2’(*Comm. Diploma)

*Health and PE

  • Required for graduation

  • Place an ‘X’ in the column.

Magnet Requirements

  • Check your magnet planning sheet and mark the remaining required courses

    CMA Journalism I and Eng Graphic Arts

    MST MST/ADV Computer Applications, MST Geometry/Alg. II, MST Integrated Science

    VA Basic Design and Drawing/Painting

    HSU Computer Apps (prior to graduation)

    *4 Advanced Placement (AP) courses

    (Leadership Dynamics no longer required)


  • Check magnet planning sheet to see if an elective is available for grade 9.

  • If so, review the elective description sheet.

  • Choose three and mark your choices in order of preference A1,A2,A3 on the course request form.


Study Skills – Strongly recommended by faculty

Visual Art I

Computer Apps

Business Law

Business Management


Life Skills

YPAS – courses open to non-majors

YPAS courses for non-majors

  • Fundamentals of Dance

  • Total Body Conditioning

  • Beginning Tap 1 (audition)

  • Exploring Theatre

  • Piano (audition)

  • Orchestra (audition)

  • Band (audition)

  • Vocal Music (audition)

Turn to Page 6

  • Instructions for completing the course request form.

  • Ignore #9.

  • Choose 3 alternate electives (A1, A2, A3) in addition to the 8 selected.

  • Choose an alternate foreign language. (FL2)

  • In all 12 courses will be chosen.

    • 8 first choice marked with an ‘X’

    • 3 elective alternates marked with A1, A2, A3

    • 1 foreign language alternate marked with FL2

Leave completed form at one of the collection sites.

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