Ethics and Scope of Practice

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Performance Objective 1: Ethical Standards. State the ethical standards required of certified OWDSs/CDFs. Personal Standards. OWDSsavoid public behavior in violation of moral and legal standards.avoid discussion of personal or work issues.. Knowledge and Scope of Practice. OWDSsdo not provide se

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Ethics and Scope of Practice

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1. Ethics and Scope of Practice

2. Performance Objective 1: Ethical Standards State the ethical standards required of certified OWDSs/CDFs

3. Personal Standards OWDSs avoid public behavior in violation of moral and legal standards. avoid discussion of personal or work issues.

4. Knowledge and Scope of Practice OWDSs do not provide services in which they have not been trained. do not use assessments in which they have not been trained. refer clients to others who are trained. participate in continuing education.

5. Relationship with Clients OWDSs advocate for clients and services. maintain confidentiality. assure that the client is capable of profiting from interventions offered. do not form personal or physical relationships. do not engage in stereotyping or discrimination.

6. Relationship of OWDSs with Supervisors OWDSs recognize and support the needs of the organization. are responsible for informing employers about conditions that diminish their effectiveness or impact the organization.

7. Relationship of OWDSs with Supervisors (continued) OWDSs request assistance from their supervisors. establish working relationships with both internal and external entities that provide needed services.

8. Performance Objective 2: Application of Ethical Standards Apply the ethical standards to specific cases

9. Activity: Case Studies Read case studies. Join assigned group. Determine whether there is a breach of ethics. Identify ethical statements that apply.

10. Performance Objective 3: Scope of Work Describe a method that OWDSs can use to decide if getting outside assigned scope of work

11. The Role Boundaries Chart

12. Activity: Role Boundaries Complete worksheet on page 17, current or past situation. Complete worksheet on page18 - same situation. Share with group.

13. Performance Objective 4: Consultation Describe how to use the knowledge of their team leaders or certified CDF/OWDS professionals

14. Consultation The process of asking for and receiving feedback or assistance with decisions related to working with a given offender or group of offenders

15. Temptations Violating an ethical standard Using tools or techniques that are outside your training Providing services that are outside agency mission or job description

16. Clues Considering using assessment tools or techniques for which you have not been trained Breaking confidentiality by talking with others who have no need to know about a person or case Feeling emotionally concerned or stressed about how you are dealing with an offender

17. Clues, continued Feeling manipulated Spending much more time with one offender than others Agreeing to do things that are not in job description

18. Arenas for Consultation Staff or case conference meeting Privately and in confidence with your supervisor Privately and in confidence with a trusted colleague

19. Consultation Questions What is your immediate reaction to this situation? Do you think of some ways I can handle this situation within ethical and scope-of-practice guidelines? What ethical or scope-of-practice guidelines are at stake? What kind of referral, if any, should I be making?

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