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The Gospel According to. John. The Gospel of John. This is the gospel that identifies Jesus as the Word of God Date: 80-110 Traditional attribution: To John, son of Zebedee, One of the twelve Author detectable from content:

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the gospel of john
The Gospel of John

This is the gospel that identifies Jesus as the Word of God

Date: 80-110

Traditional attribution:

To John, son of


One of the twelve

Author detectable from content:

One who regards himself in the tradition of the disciple who Jesus loved.

the purpose of the gospel
The Purpose of the Gospel

It was written for the readers, who did not experience Jesus as the author of the gospel and his community did.

Future generations

The purpose of the gospel is to make the readers believe and find life in Jesus.

Jesus is God in the flesh who reveals the hidden loving God.

Jesus is God’s self gift who will bring salvation.

All the readers need to do is open up their hearts to this spiritual reading and they will believe.

Jesus is crucial because he is the key to get to God.

He leads to God and those who see Jesus see God because Jesus and God are one

john s christology
John’s Christology
  • Christology is the branch of theology that studies the meaning of the person of Jesus Christ
    • That is, trying to understand who he is
    • The church has many understandings of Jesus Christ.
    • How do we know? Look at how Jesus is depicted, over time, by different cultures and in different roles…
the word
The Word

The author of this gospel is interested in the theology not the history or the story of Jesus.

He stresses Jesus’ identity (unveils Jesus’ true identity) as the revealer God (the word)

He is the word of God that has existed forever

This very Word of God is God himself

This concept of the Word is a concept that appealed to both Jewish and Gentile audience.

In the OT, the Word of God referred to creation and God’s revelation

The Greek word for the Word is Logos

Logos was the spiritual principle or soul that held the world together

It also means knowledge, reason, wisdom

another theme the i am sayings
Another theme: The “I Am” sayings
  • The multiple times that Jesus uses the word “I am,” is a striking characteristic for many.
  • In the Synoptics, Jesus refers to himself using the phrase “I Am” only two times in both Mark and Luke and only 5 times in Matthew.
    • Contrast to John, where Jesus uses the phrase a total of 46 times.
The purpose of the use of the “I am” is to “’identify Jesus as a historical theophany of the eternal being of God and thus to assert his full deity.’”
  • They demonstrate that Jesus’ purpose is to reveal the Father and the way to him.
  • They also prove Jesus to be God.
  • The “I am” sayings present Jesus as God.
  • In the Jewish scripture, God’s name is I AM
i ams to outsiders
“I Ams” to outsiders
  • It is natural that the Jewish people rejected Jesus’ claims of being One with God
  • If a person claimed oneness with God, they were seen as making it up, full of deceit and pride.
  • They were dangerous to
    • Judaism
      • God kicked Adam and Eve out of Eden to remind them that they were creatures, not equal to God
      • Jesus’ claims were replacing over 1000 of Jewish tradition – this cannot be taken lightly
    • and to Rome
      • Only the Emperor could claim Godliness and he did not take kindly to those making the same claim
the i ams seen by jesus followers
The “I ams” seen by Jesus’ followers
  • But there were those who saw Jesus’ claims differently
    • They trusted their experience of him
      • He was humble in every other way
      • He healed people “just because”
      • He fed people miraculously
    • Thus, because they trusted Jesus, they saw his words as true.
    • Jesus, for them, was as a Divine Revelation occurring through an ordinary man, making him an extraordinary man
john and the synoptic gospels
John and the Synoptic gospels

Peculiarities of John:

A Jesus conscious of having preexisted with God before he came into the world

The significant absence of the kingdom motif

Long discourses and dialogues rather than parables

No diabolic possessions

A very restricted number of miracles


Similarities to the Synoptics

  • Beginning narrative of the ministry of Jbap
  • and in the concluding narrative of the passion and empty tomb