Collaboration opportunity between ski and you
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Collaboration Opportunity between SKI and You. Target. Find “Breakthrough Technology”. Qualification. Worldwide Scientist, Engineer, Inventor & Entrepreneur. Research Areas.

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Collaboration opportunity between ski and you
Collaboration Opportunity between SKI and You


  • Find “Breakthrough Technology”


  • Worldwide Scientist, Engineer, Inventor & Entrepreneur

Research Areas

  • Focus areas are “Energy and Materials” 1. Energy: New and Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, and Resources Exploitation 2. Materials: Energy Materials, Information and Electronic Materials, Electric Vehicle Materials, Water Treatment Materials and Biomedical Materials


  • Provide an opportunity of co-research and development

  • - Research funds when selected finally


  • Submit a “Research Proposal” to SK Innovation by e-mail

  • ([email protected], [email protected]) “until June 8th

  • - Presentation for the selected proposal at the closed session of UKC 2012



Dramatic Financial Impact

Disruptive Technology (Sustainable Competitive Advantage)

Commercial Application

One page proposal


One Page Proposal

Breakthrough Technology


  • Explain ultimate goals of the idea clearly


  • Identify the key success factor(KSF) from the opportunity analysis and present R&D target and Biz potentials. - What are Market and Customer Needs? What is the KSF of Technology and Business? Who is the final customer? Is the market large enough to invest? …


(BT Point)

  • Describe the solution for the Market and Customer Needs- Define the concept of the idea to meet the target and add different points from existing concepts- Explain how to develop and/or implement the concept


  • Benefits and the effect to SK innovation and/or customers- Ex: Biz Potentials, Images the changed world


  • About the competition company/technology(1) What is it? Who has it?(2) What is the phase to develop currently?(3) What is the comparative advantages of your idea?


  • Plan the milestone schedule from idea to commercialization- Step: Concept / Feasibility / Research / Development / Biz Incubation- Present a period, funding, key deliverables and an evaluation criteria (show stoppers) for each step

One page proposal1


One Page Proposal

Breakthrough Technology


  • Project (Idea)의 궁극적인 목표를 명료하고 간결하게 표현


  • (1)기회분석으로부터 (2) 핵심성공요인을 찾아내어 (3)연구개발 Target과 (4)Biz Potential 제시 – 시장/고객의 Needs는 무엇인가? 기술/사업의 핵심성공요인은? 최종 고객은 누구인가? 투자하기에 충분히 큰 시장인가?...


(BT Point)

  • 시장/고객의 Needs에 대한 Solution은 무엇인가?

  • - Target을 달성하기 위한 Concept을 정의하고, 기존 대비 차별화 요소 설명

  • - Concept을 구현하는 방법과 이를 어떻게 개발/확보할지 방안 설명


  • 이러한 Approach를 통해 SK이노베이션 및 고객에게 기대되는 이익 및 파급효과

  • - 어떻게 세상이 달라지고, 얼마나 돈을 벌고(매출 Potential 등).


  • 경쟁기관과 경쟁기술이 (1) 무엇이고, (2) 현재 어느 정도 기술개발 단계이며, (3) 이들 대비 비교 우위는 무엇인가?


  • 개발부터 상업화까지 단계별/전체 일정 계획

  • - Concept / Feasibility / Research / Development / Biz Incubation

  • - 각단계별 기간/연구비/핵심 산출물/평가 기준(Show Stoppers)