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IP VIDEOSURVEILLANCE SOLUTION. www.camtrace.com. An extremely reliable and robust system. UNIX. FreeBSD is used by Google and Internet Access Providers for their own servers. CamTrace is setup in 10 minutes and can manage one or several hundreds of cameras. IP VIDEOSURVEILLANCE SOLUTION.

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Ip videosurveillance solution



Ip videosurveillance solution

An extremely reliable and robust system


FreeBSD is used by Google and Internet

Access Providers

for their own servers

CamTrace is setup in 10 minutes and can manage one or several hundreds of cameras.

Ip videosurveillance solution


First network videosurveillance server, CamTrace has an innovative architecture in which cameras are isolated on a dedicated network, while allowing access to pictures from any point of your company.

Ip videosurveillance solution

CamTrace works as a cluster application:

several servers combined for large installation

Cluster architecture

A user connected with one of the CamTrace will acess the cluster group transparently

Ip videosurveillance solution

Through its web interface, CamTrace is user friendly

… and has customizable layouts

Ip videosurveillance solution

Lots of displaying features with the mouse right-click



Selectable views

Joystick with hotkeys

Zoom with mouse


Easy recording…

Ip videosurveillance solution

Mosaïc view managing display cycles

Ip videosurveillance solution

Completely customizable mosaic views

Camera 2

Camera 1

Flash animation


Web site

Ip videosurveillance solution

Interactive maps let you access to all caméras,

or to other incrusted maps

Ip videosurveillance solution

Interactive maps allow you to easily access

to each camera or other incrusted maps

Access map 2

Access map 3

Ip videosurveillance solution

Interactive maps , can be inserted

In a camera group.

Camera 1

Map 2

Ip videosurveillance solution

Simultaneous Live view + player

Ip videosurveillance solution

Alarms thumbnail

Classified by date or time slot.

Classified by event type

Clic to open the player

Ip videosurveillance solution

Intelligent player, very fast.

Find one day events in two minutes

Instant search

any area of the image


Acceleration up to 256x

Ip videosurveillance solution

Synchronised playback up to 16 views

Ip videosurveillance solution

Multi-site Windows client

Ip videosurveillance solution

CamTrace can display screen walls

on one or several passive screens

Free creation

of picture groups

Push the live view

to a screen wall

Alarm push to

screen wall

Ip videosurveillance solution

Drag and drop cameras to screen wall

Ip videosurveillance solution

CamTrace manage any kind of alarms

Motion detection

Noise level

Presence detection

Variation of light

Dry contact



Pop-up window


Ip videosurveillance solution

Event server for complex scenario - automatic exportation of videos…

- Push video to screens

- Export sequence to NAS

  • Start recording on event

  • Close dry contact

  • Send cgi to device

    -Send http to device

  • Send message to user

    -camera pop up

    - Start a shell script

    - Link to an other scenario

Ip videosurveillance solution

SmartPhone applications

- Live view with PTZ control.

- Playback regular & alarms

- Alarm thumbnail

- Controls dry contact



Ip videosurveillance solution

MonitorC, a monitoring tool

for software and hardware of CamTrace installations

Ip videosurveillance solution

Open system linked to third parties applications


Access control

Cash register

Ip videosurveillance solution

Software and/or hardware

Software easy to install

or a server ready to use :

Ip videosurveillance solution

+ 5000 CamTrace servers manage more than 45 000 cameras in fifteen countries.

Amongprestigious sites equiped with CamTrace, you will find airports, hotels, hospitals, museums, industrial sites, colleges and universities. CamTrace provide more than 300 agencies and bank headquartersof14 different banking networks.

CamTrace has also been chosen by lots of local governments and cities for urban videosurveillance.

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