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Unit v
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Unit -V. Component Frameworks and Development. Component Framework. Framework provides a basic system model for a particular application domain within which specialized applications can be developed

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Unit -V

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Unit v

Unit -V

Component Frameworks and Development

Component framework

Component Framework

  • Framework provides a basic system model for a particular application domain within which specialized applications can be developed

  • Consists of already coded pieces of software that can be reused and flexible elements which allow the user to adjust the framework to the needs of the application.

  • It provides a skeletal support which serves as the basis for construction of an application.

Object oriented framework oofw

Object-Oriented Framework (OOFW)

  • Set of classes that embodies an abstract design for solutions to problem.

  • OOFW is a library (piece of code)

  • Readymade functionality that can be used repeatedly.

  • Provides the way to choose a design suitable for the application.

Unit v

  • For Example, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)

  • Provides the basic framework to decide on the structure and the behaviour of the windows application.

  • Win32 APIs (class lib) which provides the essential windows functionality.

  • Modification/Additions – deriving subclass of MFC classes and overriding their virtual functions.

Unit v

Black Box


Composition Mechanism


  • Frameworks can be categorized based on the design:

    Black-Box Framework:

Unit v

White box classes




White-Box Framework

The issues to be considered while designing an oofw

The issues to be considered while designing an OOFW

  • Application Domain

  • Scoping

  • Software Architecture

  • User

  • Encapsulation

  • Control Flow

  • Interaction between OOFWs

  • Development Process

Unit v

Based on the different aspects of framework, component and application development, developers and users

  • Framework developer who builds the framework

  • Component developer who uses the framework and adds components to the framework

  • Application developers who uses the component to build the application

  • End user who uses the application

Component based framework

Component-Based Framework

  • Frameworks can be built to represent fully compiled application system at one end and fully interpreted application system.

  • Components in framework approach fall into three categories:

  • Frame work Backbone

  • Basic Component (BC)

  • Additional Components (AC)

Framework components










Framework Components

Framework development process

Basic Component Development

Application Domain Identification

Backbone Development

Additional Component Development

Framework Development Process

Black box component framework

Black-Box Component Framework

  • Carrier-Rider- Mapper Pattern

  • Carriers:

    • Data carrying objects that can be accessed by position.

    • Direct interfaces (implementation interface) for reuse and extension

  • Riders:

    • Encapsulate access paths to data in carriers

    • Client can access the interface with riders

  • Mapper:

    • Data formatting filters which directs to the specific client

Unit v

2. Directory Objects

  • New objects are created using factory objects

  • Eg File abstraction

    3.Hierarchial Model View Separation (HMVC)

  • View – visual representation of data that can be Context-sensitive

  • Model – represents and manage data presented by views

  • Controllers- Interact with the user and interpret the user input.

Unit v

  • Container Model

    • Separate the design of the component and its usage.

    • Containers can be set in any mode:

      • Edit Mode

      • Layout mode

      • Browser Mode

      • Mask Mode

      • Frozen Model

      • Palette

  • Cascade Message Multicasting Services

    • Message objects are used to decouple to MVC

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