how do ancients use number systems
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How do ancients use number systems?

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How do ancients use number systems? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How do ancients use number systems?. By Yonathan Tegegn .

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PowerPoint Slideshow about ' How do ancients use number systems?' - lara

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This PowerPoint slide show will show you a lot of things about ancient number systems. Ancient number systems are still being used to day but not as much as the new number system. That is another thing that I will talk about in this PowerPoint.

historical facts
Historical facts.


The Babylonian cuneiform method of recording quantities, approximately 5000 years old, is among the oldest numeral systems in existence.


The Egyptian method for recording quantitities is based on 10 with a symbol for 1, ten, and each successive power of ten. A distinct hieroglypic was used for each power of 10.


The Mayan system was a base- 20 system (vigesimal) that used a system of bars and dots in a vertical place value system. A dot stood for one and a bar stood for five.


The Roman method (no place value, instead an additive system, rules of subtraction, base ten with fives)


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who invented the modern number system
Who invented the modern number system

The Indians invented the modern number system. It is often called Arabic numerals because it came to Europe through the Arabs. But Arabs themselves call it as "HindSaa" meaning - "given by Hindus or Indians". The Persians copied the Indian number system and then passed it on to the Arabs. Then an Italian mathematician named Fibonacci traveled to Algeria to study. When he came back home, he brought the Indian numerals with him. He wrote about the system in his book "Liber Abaci.“. This system has been really used in Europe . Today it is the number system used by the whole world.


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what was the problem with the ancient number systems
What was the problem with the ancient number systems?

The main problem about the ancient number systems was that they didn’t have the number zero in them. That was a problem because there wouldn’t be any decimals and other sort of math problems.. Now in our day we have zero and that helped us a lot about math.


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how do ancients use number systems1
How do ancients use number systems

They make up their own so that people could manage a lot of thing more efficiently. For example the Egyptians use their number system mostly on money. The most common ancient number system known today is the roman numerals. People use them for a lot of things.


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From that PowerPoint I hope you saw what you need to answer the unit question ‘’ how do ancients use number systems.