voice trigging with cortana key of toshiba windows 10 laptops
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Voice Trigging with Cortana Key of Toshiba Windows 10 Laptops

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Voice Trigging with Cortana Key of Toshiba Windows 10 Laptops - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Take a look at the article and know about Toshiba’s new invention. Toshiba is soon-to launch Cortana key in Windows 10. It’s very significant change in keyboard after the windows button in 1995.

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The modern world has been overtaken by technology. There are lots of inventions and advanced technologies generated on the daily basis because, after some time, we get bored with old one and need some changes. On the other hand, change is one of the finest ways to improve our efficiency. Being a touch with the latest technology is important to live in the modern world. Laptop companies have been improving their techniques day by day and launching laptop with new features also.


To distinguish itself from others, Toshiba is going to launch Windows 10 laptops with Cortana key. We all already know that Cortana is the wonderful feature of Microsoft phone, but now Toshiba is going to add a Cortana key to all new Windows 10 laptops. Let us introduce with Toshiba\'s new feature:


Cortanais one of the most identifying features of Windows Phone and now, this feature further unifies in all Windows products. Its new version is shown in Toshiba Windows 10. Cortana key is a search key that is placed on the function row, which can respond to your oral questions.


For example, if you want to know the weather, you just use your voice to get the results of your query and the most significant feature is, if you\'re looking at restaurant website, Cortana will show you complete info about food like photos and links with reviews.

We can even use the key combo (Win + C) to launch Cortana, but now Toshiba is going to generate a new Cortana key for helping users to easily launch Cortana.


According to Jeff Barney, who is Toshiba\'s general manager and vice president of the company\'s PC business in America, exposed that Cortana will be "across the board, top to bottom" when it comes the company\'s line of new Windows 10 products, and will sit in the upper left area of the keyboard, near the function keys.


This Cortana key is the very useful change in keyboard after the windows button in 1995. Toshiba is going to improve the Cortana\'s ability in the laptop to get success in the idea of Cortana Key.