Steps to replace sony laptop keyboard keys
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Steps to Replace Sony Laptop Keyboard Keys - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

If you’re Sony laptop user and want to replace your faulty keys at home, then this article will helpful to you. At Replacement Laptop Keys, you can also get replacement keys with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Steps to Replace Sony Laptop Keyboard Keys

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Steps to Replace Sony Laptop Keyboard Keys

In this technical world, everyone is habitual of using Laptop either for work or entertainment. Without the laptop, survival of people cannot be imagined because they can’t achieve their target. Businessmen need laptop to handle their business, student for their study, a teacher to prepare their lesson for students. In these days, laptop is playing a significant role in every field because it’s more compatible and compact version of computer. If we use a laptop on daily basis, our laptop keyboard keys become faulty early because keyboard gets more hits than other parts of the laptop.

At this point, we think that we will have to replace our whole keyboard, but no need to do this, because you can also change your faulty key individually or if you’re a Sony laptop user, here you’ll learn how to replace single keyboard key of Sony laptop yourself.

While replacing a keyboard key, we need key cap, key retainer clip and rubber cup. Size may vary according to the size of the keys. A small key has small hinge and clips and big one has bigger hinge.

If you want to replace your faulty keys from professionals, the same procedures will be followed to replace key whether it is small or large key. So, if you choose to replace your key yourself, this article will be helpful for you. Now the question is, how to replace key. Take a look at below steps and learn, how to fix Sony laptop keyboard keys.

•In the first step, you should insert the key retainer into the laptop. While inserting retainer, you must check the orientation of metal hooks which is placed on the base of the laptop. This metal hook will help you to determine the direction of key retainer.

•Now, insert the key pad into the retainer after inserting the retainer.

This is the last step of laptop keyboard key replacement. In this step, insert the key cap over the retainer and press down the key cap from all the corners carefully. Now check the key is working properly. If it is working well that means all clips are snapped into its appropriate place.

At Replacement Laptop Keys, we offer a complete key replacement kit of all Sony models. To make your task easier, we also offer installation guide video with each replacement kit. All of our keys are 100% OEM and available at just $4.95 or less. Contact us today to place your order.

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