Technology advancement and outreach
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TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT AND OUTREACH. Hosted by:. Sarah Kirchen Drew Bittner. March 18, 2010 Room 5E-081 Call In # 301-903-0754. Web Coordinators Meeting. Around the Room – Drew Bittner, DOE (15 min.) Earth Day – Chris Stewart, NREL (5 min.)

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Presentation Transcript

Technology advancement and outreach


Hosted by:

Sarah Kirchen

Drew Bittner

March 18, 2010

Room 5E-081

Call In # 301-903-0754

Web Coordinators Meeting

Eere web coordinators meeting

Around the Room – Drew Bittner, DOE (15 min.)

Earth Day – Chris Stewart, NREL (5 min.)

New Program Template – Erica Augustine & Chris Stewart, NREL (20 min.)

ITP Usability Training – (5 min.)

Communication Standards Podcasts – Elizabeth Spencer, NREL (5 min.)

DOE Web Group – Drew Bittner, DOE (5 min.)

Wrap Up – Drew Bittner, DOE (5 min.)

Agenda – March 18, 2010

EERE Web Coordinators Meeting

Earth day


Updated animation

Various promotional activities

Earth Day

New program template

Sample program home page

New Program Template

  • Clean, simplified (no stratification)

  • Horizontal navigation

New program template1

New Program Template

Persistent links(to be determined)

Site-specific search

Color area is 100% screen width


  • Full-width banner, fixed-width content

  • Contemporary, clean design

New program template2

New Program Template

  • Clean, removes complexity

  • Differentiates from full-color header page

New program template3

New Program Template

Space for print, share, etc.

Quick links option in right sidebar

One option for rotating Flash image

Features given more prominence

New program template4

New Program Template

New program template5

New Program Template

1024 x 768 screen

Wide screen

New program template6

Sample program first-level page

Sample program interior page (right-side navigation)

Sample program interior page (no right-side navigation)

Sample subsite home page

Sample B program home page

Sample B subsite home page

New Program Template

Itp usability training

ITP Usability Training

(1) Purpose

  • Redesign:

  • Improve the usability of ITP’s Web site and align user’s goals with ITP’s goals

    • -Enhance the quality of a user’s experience, allowing them to

      • - Answer their questions

        • - Reach their goals

        • - Do their work productively and easily

  • Usability Training:

  • What we learned

    • - What usability is and why it is important for a successful Web site

      • - How to plan, prepare, and conduct a usability study

      • - How to analyze data and report the findings of a study

      • - Tips for integrating usability into your organization

Itp usability training1

ITP Usability Training

  • (2) A Few Interesting things we learned

  • User-Centered Design (UCD)−places users at the center of the development process

    • UCD saves team time, effort, and money; and increases use

  • Fewer phone calls

    • Customers get what they need successfully themselves

    • Satisfied customers

    • Enhanced reputation

    • Rework problems during development

  • UCD helps create products that are relevant to users and easy to use by focusing on user needs at every stage of development

Itp usability training2

ITP Usability Training

  • A Few Interesting things we learned continued…

  • Usability is a Balance−UCD helps you figure out what the right balance is for a specific Web site or application

    • The 5 Aspects (5 “Es”) of Usability:

      • - Effective

      • - Efficient

      • - Easy to Learn

      • - Error Tolerant

      • - Engaging

Itp usability training3

ITP Usability Training

A Few Interesting things we learned continued…

  • Usability Testing:

    • Deciding who to include in your usability test:

      • Who you choose will impact how the system is designed and therefore evaluated

      • Can’t design for everyone

      • Users you choose must represent who actually uses the system

      • Prioritizing users – sample criteria

        • Which group can help the organization accomplish its business goals?

        • Which group has the most to lose if the system doesn’t work for them?

        • Which group has the most diverse set of tasks?

        • Which group is the largest?

        • Which group is the neediest or has the least knowledge?

      • What would you get if you tried to design a car that pleased every possible driver?

        • A car that no one would want to drive.

Itp usability training4

ITP Usability Training

A Few Interesting things we learned continued…

  • Planning a Study:

    • Define usability issues

    • Define tasks to be performed

    • Determine data to collect

    • Create scenarios (stories that are given to participants)

Itp usability training5

ITP Usability Training

Where we’re going from here…

  • March−June:

    • Analyze data we’ve collected on users

      • server and search logs; survey; EERE call center interviews

    • Create user profiles/personas that reflect target user groups

    • Recruit study participants

    • Define study scope, goals, research questions

    • Create scenarios that will be given to participants

    • Conduct user sessions

    • Data Analysis

    • Create report of results/recommendations

    • ITP home page mockup

Technology advancement and outreach

Communication Standards Podcasts


Doe web group

DOE Web Group

  • Organizational meeting 3/11/10

  • 18 attendees, seven offices represented

  • Two topics of discussion:

    a. DOE social media policy

    b. Open Government Directive

  • Action items:

    a. drafting charter

    b. organizing next meeting

Doe web group1

DOE Web Group

  • Social media policy-

    1. YouTube- DOE level; looking for 3-5 minute videos of broad interest

    2. Flickr- DOE account, organized by “collections” with offices having “albums” for their content

    3. Twitter- working on new Terms of Service (TOS), will be available at office level

    4. Google Analytics- working on TOS

    5. Facebook- check in with John Schueler regarding FB plans, can be approved immediately

    6. MySpace- DOE page, using existing content

    7. GovLoop- no plans yet

    8. MixedInk- wiki-type tool for collaboration, currently in review

    9. Ideascale- community “voting” and idea-pooling application, currently being used for Open Govt Directive, option to extend

    10. Second Life- no plans

Doe web group2

DOE Web Group

Open Government Directive

  • Point of contact is Janice Ausby

  • DOE will file OGD compliance plan with OMB on 4/7

  • DOE has already provided five “high value” data sets for uploading, per OGD requirements

  • Refer to for information on OGD and DOE

Wrap up

Wrap Up

  • Next MeetingThursday, April 151:30 – 3 p.m.Room 5E-081

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