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Marketing Information and guidance for teachers Contents Learning Objectives Lesson plan

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Marketing Information and guidance for teachers Contents Learning Objectives Lesson plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing Information and guidance for teachers Contents Learning Objectives Lesson plan Plan a route Suggested activities to link with session Things to arrange prior to visit The day of your trip: arriving at the Zoo Your teaching session. A visitor favourite: ‘Boris’ the chimpanzee.

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Information and guidance for teachers


Learning Objectives

Lesson plan

Plan a route

Suggested activities to link with session

Things to arrange prior to visit

The day of your trip: arriving at the Zoo

Your teaching session

A visitor favourite: ‘Boris’ the chimpanzee



  • Learning Objectives
  • After attending this session, students will be able to:
  • ▪ Understand Chester Zoos role and mission
  • ▪ Explain how marketing links to the mission of the Zoo
  • ▪ Give examples of the Zoos marketing objectives and target audience
  • ▪ Show how we research the market
  • ▪ Give examples of our ‘marketing mix’ – Product, Place, Price, Promotion and Publicity
  • Lesson Plan
  • Based around a PowerPoint presentation covering:
  • The Mission of Chester Zoo
  • Chester Zoo as a charity
  • Sources of income (includes figures for various sources)
  • Marketing objectives
  • Marketing budget (includes figures for the Zoo’s annual expenditure)
  • Our place within the tourism market, how we compare to other UK tourist attractions in terms of visitor numbers
  • Our target market – visitor information including; how old our visitors are, where they come from (catchment area) monthly visitor figures for 3 years, socio-economic groups, whether visitors have been before and dwell time
  • Promotional techniques including advertising and public relations with examples of both including TV and paper advertising and the role of celebrities in publicity
  • Evaluation of both advertising and public relations
  • Value for money (A-Level only)

‘Marmot Mania’ at Chester Zoo!

Our male Sumatran Orang-utan, Puluh

One of our Discovery sessions in action!

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Plan a route

Animals and baby animals and their role in advertising and PR will be discussed as part of this session below is a list of some of the animals that have or are used in our marketing.

Baby animals - For up to date information of recent births check our website

Elephants – To the left of the main entrance

Rhinos – To the right of the Main Entrance

Jaguar – Just beyond the Education Centre

Lion – Between the ruffed lemur island and the tiger enclosure

Komodo Dragon – In Islands in Danger just over the second (canal) bridge opposite the Fountain Gardens

Flamingos – Opposite the penguins

Giraffe – Opposite the Tropical Realm

Meerkats – Opposite the Rhinos on the perimeter fence

Tiger - Opposite the Ark Restaurant

Spectacled Bear – Just past the Twilight Zone

Marmots – Between the lion and the tiger enclosures

Click here to download a Zoo Map

Asoka – Chester Zoo’s male Asiatic Lion

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One of our young Sumatran Orang-utans born in 2004

Suggested activities to link with session

Before visit

Some background knowledge of the above concepts would be useful particularly SWOT analysis.

Additional resources are available for booked groups. These can be requested before, during or after your visit. Send us a CD stating the subject/s you are interested in along with a SAE and we will do our best to get the information to you before your visit or give it to you on the day of your visit. Or if you bring a CD and SAE with you we will send the information back to you as soon as possible.

Have a look at our website in particular our annual reviews.

Look out for adverts or PR pieces in your local papers or on TV (the Chester Chronicle is a good source of both advertising and public relations).

During visit

We ask that you do not carry out surveys of our visitors during your visit.

Investigate our internal marketing, look out for membership and adoption information, facilities and events (the visitor centre between the lion and the tiger is a good place to start).

Take pictures of animals/facilities to use back at school/college.

Try filming your own TV advert for the zoo, in the zoo!

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After visit

  • Design a market research questionnaire it could be a general Zoo experience one or for a particular exhibit/facility.
  • Design promotional material e.g. a leaflet or paper advert using pictures taken during your visit.
  • Design a novel marketing campaign, something that is currently not being used by the Zoo e.g. using a Blimp.
  • Add to our SWOT lists.
  • Write a publicity article about a real or made up event at the Zoo.
  • Plan the opening of a new exhibit from a marketing point of view - guests, celebrities, schools, staff, facilities, time of day, refreshments, press, media, cost etc.
  • Plan an event to raise the profile of Chester Zoo for various age groups, e.g. for under 12’s a cartoon character tour, for 12 – 24 a concert/festival, for 55+ classical concert.
  • Visit Chester Cathedral and make a comparison between Chester Zoo and the Cathedral as tourist attractions.
  • Chester Cathedral is a former Benedictine monastery with exceptionally well preserved monastic buildings and woodwork. It is a thriving place of Christian worship with an Education Department that enables school groups to study many aspects of the National Curriculum including Citizenship and Enterprise. As a business enterprise, interesting and thought provoking comparisons can be made with the business that is Chester Zoo.

One of our Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaws

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Things to arrange prior to visit

Please check details on confirmation letter, any queries please call 01244 650205.

Arrange a pre-visit to the Zoo, contact us 01244 650205 for details.

Arrange appropriate number of group leaders and collate contact details.

Assign students to a group leader, ensure students and leaders know the running plan for the day, have staff contact details and map of the Zoo (click here).

Ensure group leaders have a plan for the day including; student names, time and location of teaching session (e.g. a copy of the confirmation letter) and where to meet, if necessary, after the session as well as a map of the Zoo.

  • Running plan for the day
    • Time and location of teaching session
    • Time and location to meet for teaching session
    • Time and location to meet for lunch
    • Time to visit Twilight Zone (all students under 16 must be accompanied through the Twilight Zone)
    • Time for students to visit the gift shop (the shop at the entrance is open all year round, opening times of the other 2 shops vary throughout the year) All students under 16 should be accompanied in the gift shops
    • Time and location to meet when leaving the Zoo

Helping UK wildlife - Harvest mouse re-introduction at Chester Zoo

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One of the most popular animals at the zoo – the Californian Sealions

The day of your trip: arriving at the Zoo

Please help us to make your entrance to the Zoo as smooth as possible

Allow plenty of time to get to and into the Zoo, it can take over 30 minutes to enter the Zoo and reach the Education Centre, particularly at busy times of year.

On arrival the group leader onlyshould approach the main gate with the confirmation letter. Students and other staff should remain on the coach.

This provides an ideal opportunity for another member of staff to run through itinerary for the day with students and helpers, to hand out work sheets, information, maps, talk times etc.

Once the paperwork has been completed the group leader can collect the group from the coach to be counted into the Zoo by Gate Staff.

There are toilets at the main entrance both inside and outside the Zoo.

Rainy day – indoor enclosures

The Aquarium, Tropical Realm, Twilight Zone, Spirit of the Jaguar, Islands in Danger are all undercover, indoor exhibits.

Additionally, macaws, Chimps, orang-utans, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, Monkeys , Miniature Monkeys all have undercover viewing.

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Your teaching session

Sessions are run in 3 classrooms all located in the Education Centre next to the Spirit of the Jaguar exhibit.

Please be aware that it can take 30+ minutes to cross the zoo particularly at busy times of year.

On arrival at the Education Centre please wait outside the appropriate room (Cook, Columbus or Cousteau), as stated on your booking confirmation, for an Education Officer to greet you.

Please don’t block doorways to education classrooms as there may be classes about to leave.

Each teaching session will last approximately 50 minutes.

There is plenty of open space for lunches outside the Education Centre. On rainy days there is an indoor picnic area (Arara Picnic Lodge) past the Spirit of the Jaguar exhibit.

There are toilets opposite the Spirit of the Jaguar house just past the Education Centre.

If you are delayed for any reason and may be late for your teaching session please contact 01244 650205, we may be able to help!

If you have found this information useful or think there is something that we could add to help your day run smoothly please let us know at [email protected]

Meeting ‘Beaky’ the quail during a Discovery session

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