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Hi Kids!. Welcome to HOTT!. What. do. want. you. to. be. when. you. grow. up?. A Teacher?. A Fireman?. Maybe a Policeman?. These are all very important jobs, but did you know there are a of other jobs that you may not have heard of that help people every day?. LOT.

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Welcome to HOTT!

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Hi Kids!

Welcome to HOTT!











A Teacher?

A Fireman?

Maybe a Policeman?

These are all very important jobs, but did you know there are a of other jobs that you may not have heard of that help people every day?


Who has been to the doctor lately?

Did you have to have an operation?

Did you have a broken bone?

Did you have to have a shot?

Who helped you at the doctor's office?


The came and got you in the waiting room and took you to the exam room. She weighed you and took your temperature.

Hi Timmy, I’m Nurse Becky. Would you come with me please?

The came into your room and looked in your throat and ears. She also listened to your heart. She asked you what was wrong today.

What seems to be the problem today, Jenny?


If you had a sore throat, your doctor would send you to see the

Lab Tech.

Open up and say ‘Aaaah”!

The Lab Tech used a big Q-tip™ to check your tonsils.

Aha! I see bacteria growing!

The Lab Tech looks at your sore throat germ to see if you need medicine.

If you have a bacterial germ on your tonsils, you will have to go see the pharmacist to get medicine to kill the germ and make you feel better!

Have your Mommy give you one pill with your breakfast.

The Pharmacist will make you a medicine that will kill your bad germ. Never take medicines without help from an adult!

If you fell off your bike and hurt your leg, the doctor would send you to see the Radiology Tech.

The Radiology Tech uses a special machine to take pictures of your bones. These pictures are called X-rays.

A special doctor called a Radiologist will look at your x-ray to see if your bone is broken.

A special helper called a Physician Assistant will put a cast on your broken bone.

After you get your cast off, the Physical Therapist will help you.

The Physical Therapist helps you with exercises so you can start using your leg again.

So……, next time you think about what you want to be when you grow


Remember your trip to the doctor’s office and of the people who helped you!


It could be someday!


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