intramuscular injections
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Intramuscular Injections

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Intramuscular Injections - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intramuscular Injections. Goal:. - After giving this review session student/co-worker will be able to confidently administer an intramuscular injection, know sites used for injections , and demonstrate different techniques of giving an intramuscular injection.

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  • -After giving this review session student/co-worker will be able to confidently administer an intramuscular injection, know sites used for injections, and demonstrate different techniques of giving an intramuscular injection.
  • -Perform giving IM injections.
  • -Demonstrate correct technique for giving IM injections.
  • -Identify equipment used for giving IM injections.
  • -Demonstrate and explain: Z track method and Air lock technique.
  • -Demonstrate correct disposal of used needle.
  • -Explain and be able to identify how the patient tolerated the IM injection.
in this session learner will be educated in im injections
-In this session learner will be educated in IM injections-
  • -Where to give an IM injection.
  • -Technique for giving IM injection
  • -Demonstrate different method for giving an IM injection.
  • -Equipment needed to perform an IM injection.
equipment needed to perform an im injection
-Equipment needed to perform an IM injection-
  • -Syringe 1-2 inches in length.
  • -Medication to be administered.
  • -Gloves
  • -Band-Aid
  • -Alcohol swab
  • -Patient
  • -Muscle where medication will be administered
choosing the site to administer medication
-Choosing the site to administer medication-

-There are several different sites an IM injection can be given.-

Site determination-

  • -Stage of patients development.
  • -Body build
  • -Physical condition
  • -Amount of the medication to be given
  • Mid Deltoid- common site, upper arm, 3 fingers width.
  • Dorsalgluteal- look out for sciatic nerve, given in the butt.
  • Rectus femoris- right on top of the thigh.
  • Ventrolgluteal- side of the butt, or on the hip.
  • Vastislateralis- outer thigh, in the middle.

Mid Deltoid-

  • -Is on the upper arm.
  • - Take 3 fingers and place them at the top of the shoulder.
  • -At the end of the third finger in the middle of the muscle is where the injection can be made.



  • -Injection is in the butt.
  • -Watch out for the sciatic nerve.
  • -Have patient stand or lay face down with toes pointing inward. (relaxes muscle)
  • -Divide the buttocks into 4 quadrants; give the injection in the outer, upper quadrant toward the hip.
  • -DO NOT give to children who are not walking yet. (Muscles are not developed enough)


  • -Good for adults and small children.
  • - Find the upper part of the hip.
  • -Place palm on hip (greater trochater), with fingers point to the ground, and make a very large “V” with your pointer finger and middle finger.
  • -In the middle of the “V” is where the injection can be done.

Rectus Femoris

  • -On the anterior thigh, above the knee.
  • -Used mostly by people who have to get themselves injections.
  • -This is painful, because the muscles in the anterior thigh are tense when given.


  • -Most preferred site.
  • -Given to children under 5 years of age.
  • - Patient should be sitting when this injection is to be given.
  • -On the outer thigh about half way between the knee and the hip.
technique of giving an intramuscular injection
-Technique of Giving an Intramuscular Injection-
  • -Check the 5 rights of medication administration.
  • -Choose the site the IM injection.
  • -Check the patient for any allergies.
  • -Gather you supplies needed to perform IM injection.
  • -Wash your hands.
  • -Put on gloves.
  • -Open alcohol swab and in a circular motion, clean area in a 2 inch diameter at the site of the intended IM injection.
  • -Let fully dry.
  • -Pull skin around the clean site taut.
  • - take needle in dominate hand between the thumb and the index finger.
  • - At a 90 degree angle, plunge the needle into the skin in a dart like motion.
  • -Depending on the site and the condition of the patient, determine how far the needle is going to have to go into the skin to be in the muscle.
  • -Stabilize the needle with the non dominate hand.
  • -Use dominate hand to pull back on the plunger and aspirate or blood. (If there is blood aspirated back into the needle, remove and dispose in a sharps container. start from the beginning.)
  • -Push the medication at a slow and steady pace. Remember to hold the needle as steady as possible.
  • To take the needle out, quickly pull up at a 90 degree angle.
  • -Make sure to cover the needle immediately after withdrawing it from the skin.
  • -Apply some pressure at the site with the alcohol swab that was used to clean the site.
  • -Message the site to help disperse the medication that was just given.
  • -Cover site with Band-Aid.
  • -Dispose of needle into a sharps container.
  • -Throw away gloves and wash hands.
  • -Observe the patient for signs of any allergic reaction, N&V, or any other adverse reactions that may go along with the medication.
  • - Always remember to document.
different methods of giving im injections
-Different Methods of Giving IM injections-
  • -Just giving IM injection and massaging site-
  • - Z track
  • - Air lock
just giving im injections and messaging site
Just giving IM injections and messaging site-
  • -Just dose of medication given.
  • -Message site after to help disperse medication in to the muscle.
z track method
Z track method-
  • -Used for medications that can cause irritation, can be used for all IM medications.
  • -Pull skin at the site to the side.
  • - Still give the injection at 90 degree angle.
  • -When shin is let go and needle removed the needle track is cut off and the medication can not leak out.
  • -This will decrease irritation and bruising of the skin.
air lock technique
Air lock Technique-
  • -Medication is drawn up.
  • -0.2mL of air can be added to the medication.
  • -This will ensure that all the medication has been pushed though the needle.
  • - Still given at a 90 degree angle.
  • -Make sure medication is given first and the air lock second.
  • -Seals needle track so medication will not go into the subquncaneaus tissue, which can cause pain, soreness and bruising.
  • -Always remember 5 rights of medication administration.
  • -Right dose
  • -Right patient
  • -Right time
  • -Right route
  • -Right medication
  • -Choosing an IM Injection site that works best for your patient.
  • (Ex: Infants can not have injections in the dorsal gluteal (butt), In determining a site take into account the patients body build, try to avoid flabby tissue.)
  • -Different techniques of giving an IM injection: Z track, Air lock.

Upperarm, 3 fingers down from the top of the shoulder. In the middle of the arm. Use patients non dominate arm.