Soil in barbados
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Soil in Barbados - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From MYP unit – factors affecting the physical Environment of Barbados – Codrington School Piers Tainsh. Soil in Barbados. What is soil?. Watch the two animations at

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Soil in barbados

From MYP unit – factors affecting the physical Environment of Barbados – Codrington School

Piers Tainsh

Soil in Barbados

What is soil
What is soil? of Barbados –

  • Watch the two animations at



Task: Describe what soil is made from?

What is soil made of
What is soil made of of Barbados –

  • made up of a mixture of

  • organic material and minerals.

  • organic matter comes from

  • dead plants

  • the minerals come from the rocks underground.

  • These rocks are called bedrock.

  • Because the plants grow on top of the soil and the rocks are found underground, soil is made up of layers.

The soil profile
The Soil Profile of Barbados –

  • There are different sections

  • O and A – the organic layers made from broken up dead material to make humus

  • B – the topsoil a mix of humus and minerals broken down by weathering of rock

  • C – weathered parent rock

  • Below this is the rock.

Task: Draw a labeled diagram of a Soil Profile

How are soils different
How are soils different? of Barbados –

  • Their texture depends on the mix of clay, silt and sand in them.

The structure of the soil
The structure of of Barbados – the soil

Other differences
Other differences of Barbados –

  • pH – acid or alkali

  • Water content –

  • Nutrient level

  • Organisms in it

Longer Answer Task of Barbados –

  • From looking at the maps of climate, vegetation and soils, describe any patterns that you see and try and explain them

So what should the soil of barbados be like if it was a zonal soil
So What Should the Soil of Barbados be like if it was a Zonal Soil?

  • What do you notice about this soil (a tropical latasol)

  • Annotate a copy of this photo to show the A, B and C horizons

Soil in barbados is intrazonal
Soil in Barbados is Zonal Soil?Intrazonal

  • In this case it is not climate or vegetation that is so important in creating the type of soil it is the rock - LIMESTONE


Take a picture of a profile of Barbados soil. Import it onto a graphics package and annotate it with explanations. Upload it onto your Google map.