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Personal Knowledge Management

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Personal Knowledge Management. Laura Larsson Cedar Collaboration November 6, 2004. Agenda. Personal Knowledge Management (7 competencies) Comparing competencies PKM Competencies Instrument - How good are your PKM competencies?. What Do We Need to Know To….

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personal knowledge management

Personal Knowledge Management

Laura Larsson

Cedar Collaboration

November 6, 2004

  • Personal Knowledge Management (7 competencies)
  • Comparing competencies
  • PKM Competencies Instrument - How good are your PKM competencies?
what do we need to know to
What Do We Need to Know To…
  • Be a competent and literate member of the information society?
  • Find, organize, retrieve and disseminate the information we need/have?
  • Cope with the vast amounts of information we are bombarded with each day (InfoGlut) ?
  • Manage our own knowledge efficiently?
what is personal knowledge management
What is Personal Knowledge Management?
  • It is a system or strategy designed by individuals to
    • Organize and integrate personally important information
    • transform random pieces of information into something that can be systematically applied and that expands our personal knowledge
  • Similar to information literacy
seven pkm competencies
Seven PKM Competencies
  • Based on work done by Paul Dorsey, et al., Millikin University
  • Acquiring information and ideas
  • Evaluating information and ideas
  • Organizing information and ideas
  • Analyzing information and ideas
seven areas continued
Seven Areas, continued…
  • Cpnveying information and ideas
  • Collaborating around information and ideas; and
  • Securing information and ideas
  • Source:Paul Dorsey, Millikin University, Decatur, IL. Dorsey (
basis of information literacy
Basis of Information Literacy
  • a set of abilities
  • "[I]nformation literate people are those who have learned how to learn
  • …”they know how knowledge is organized, how to find information, and how to use information in such a way that others can learn from them. They are people prepared for lifelong learning."
  • Source: American Library Association Presidential Committee on Information Literacy: Final Report. (Chicago: ALA), 1989.
  • Many of the information literacy resources stop at presenting methods for assuring that you can keep information and ideas
  • But, PKM gives you tools and hints for finding, evaluating, organizing, analyzing, presenting, collaborating and securing information and ideas
information literacy vs informatics competencies
Information Literacy vs Informatics Competencies
  • Council on Linkages Competencies Project
  • Public Health Informatics Competencies
council competencies highlighted today
Council Competencies Highlighted Today
  • Defines a problem (acquiring)
  • Identifies relevant and appropriate data and information sources (acquiring)
  • Partners with communities to attach meaning to collected quantitative and qualitative data (collaborating)
  • Makes relevant inferences from quantitative and qualitative data (evaluating)
  • Source: Council on Linkages Competencies Project. [online] Site URL:
competencies continued
Competencies, continued…
  • Obtains and interprets information regarding risks and benefits to the community (acquiring)
  • Applies data collection processes, information technology applications, and computer systems storage/retrieval strategies (organizing)
  • Recognizes how the data illuminates ethical, political, scientific, economic, and overall public health issues (evaluating)
informatics competencies highlighted today
Informatics Competencies Highlighted Today
  • (1) Digital literacy (acquiring, organizing)
  • (2) Electronic communications (collaborating)
  • (3) Selection and use of IT tools (today’s focus)
  • (4) Online information utilization (acquiring)
  • (9) Information and knowledge development (analyzing, conveying)
  • Source: Public Health Informatics Competencies. [Online] Site URL: Site visited: 08/09/04.
so what
So What?!?
  • We will be learning about resources that we will want to keep going back to and use
  • My role is to discuss some relatively simple and inexpensive techniques and tools to manage information
am pm
  • AM
    • Look at applications for finding, organizing, using and conveying/disseminating information
  • PM
    • Retrieving and using the information you’ve already found
how good are your pkm competencies
How Good Are Your PKM Competencies?
  • Baseline PKM competencies
  • Take the survey home with you
  • Fill it out and determine your skill level
  • Ask for training materials if you need additional help
  • Plan on learning constantly