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Csc111 computer programming 1
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CSC111 Computer Programming 1. Ms. Ghada Al- Saleh Office: email: Dr. Hala Mokhtar Office: 79, building 20, 2 nd floor email: Module Description.

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CSC111 Computer Programming 1

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Csc111 computer programming 1

CSC111Computer Programming 1

Ms. Ghada Al-Saleh



Dr. Hala Mokhtar

Office: 79, building 20, 2nd floor


Module description

Module Description

Introduction to computers and programs. Programmer’s algorithm, byte code and Java Virtual Machine. Java program’s structure, constants, variables and built-in data types. The arithmetic, assignment, increment and decrement operators. Classes and object definition, UML representation of a class, declaration of objects (Instance variables), primitive types and reference types. Relational and logical operators, Boolean expressions, conditional statements, loop statements. Object oriented principles, encapsulation and information hiding, methods and the message passing principles, setters, and getters. Methods in depth, passing parameters, constructors, setters. Arrays, usefulness of arrays, declaration of arrays, access to array elements, operations on arrays.

Module aims objectives

Module Aims & Objectives

The course aims at giving the students a broad foundation in the fundamental concepts of object oriented programming accompanied by specific labs to develop the basic skills in object oriented programming with Java. It introduces the basic concepts and principles of the Object Oriented approach such as:

  • Abstraction and Encapsulation principles,

  • Classes, objects and the constructor concepts,

  • Information hiding principle and the assessors concept.

  • Methods, the message passing and the overloading principles

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course , the student is expected to be able to :

1.To understand the fundamental principles of object-oriented programming.

2.To be able to read and understand Java programs

3.To apply fundamental OO principles in writing programs using Java

4.To be familiar with the Unified Modeling Language (UML).



Topics that will be covered but not necessarily on same order:

1. Introduction to Computers and Programs

2. Java fundamentals

3. Control Structures

4. Introduction to Objects and Classes

5. Classes and objects in depth

6. Methods in depth

7. Arrays



  • Homework & evaluation in lab5%

  • Lab quizzes5%

  • Lecture quizzes 10%

  • Exams (2 midterms)30 %

  • Final lab exam 10%

  • Final exam 40%


Exam dates

Exam Dates

  • Mid_1 : Monday 19 March 12-1:30

  • Mid_2: Monday 30 April form 12-1:30

Recommended reading

Recommended Reading

  • Java Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design,4th Edition by D.S. Malik, 2009

    OR 5th Edition 2011

  • Java How to Program, H. M. Deitel, P. J. Deitel, 8th edition , 2009 Prentice Hall

    OR 10th Edition 2011

Csc111 computer programming 1


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