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Outline. TypesShared versus dedicatedOperationsEquipmentsLayout, order picking and zoning Pick wavesEfficiencies IT . Storage. Types:Factory: interfaces production with wholesalers:Small number of large orders dailyRetail Distribution warehouseCarton and item pickingCatalog warehouseLa

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1. Warehousing Yes, it is a real science

2. Outline Types Shared versus dedicated Operations Equipments Layout, order picking and zoning Pick waves Efficiencies IT

3. Storage Types: Factory: interfaces production with wholesalers: Small number of large orders daily Retail Distribution warehouse Carton and item picking Catalog warehouse Large number of orders with many lines Support manufacturing warehouse: RM and WIP

4. Storage Disadvantages of shared locations: Workers learning More time to stack: more locations in different corners of the warehouse Discrepancy between ERP and physical: pickers picking from different locations than those indicated

5. Storage Advantages of shared locations: Think of: location.time If a product is stored as dedicated or shared using two pallets for two time periods:

6. Warehouse operations Basic operations: Inbound: Receiving : cost 10%, ownership, cash flow, RECORD Put away: cost 15 %, locations inventory management, REOCRD

7. Storage and handling equipment Storage: Racks for pallets Selective Cantilever Flow Drive in or through

8. Storage and handling equipment Storage Shelving for bins

9. Storage and handling equipment Sorting and picking Carousels

10. Layout/Matching

11. Order picking/Paths

12. Order picking/Addresses Develop a standardized addressing scheme Can be used with shared easily given that a good WMS is maintained

13. Order picking/Parallelization and zoning For large warehouses: dividing an order over more than one picker is common given that an order consolidation process is present and a zoning scheme is implemented in the warehouse

14. Statistical Analysis Things to look at Order vs. order line : SKUs / order, think zoning if high SKU /order

15. Statistical Analysis Data mining: clustering Use for slotting the warehouse or creating zones Data mining: association (develop PTSP) Use for path design

16. Warehousing and IT Advanced features: Quality assurance modules RF-directed operations Cycle counting Manifesting for carton and trucks Returns management Wave management

17. Warehousing and IT More advanced features Multi-DC view SKU slotting Broken case flow EDI capability Import/Export management ASP capability

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