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Topic Therapy 外用药物治疗 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Topic Therapy 外用药物治疗. 昆明医学院第二临床学院 皮肤性病学教研室 邓丹琪 教授. How to use them. ?. Before. After. Contents. Characteristic of topic agents( 外用药的性能 ) Vehicles for topical agents( 外用药的剂型 ) Therapeutic principle of topic agents ( 治疗原则 ) Caution( 注意事项 ). Characteristic of topic agents.

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Topic Therapy 外用药物治疗

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Topic Therapy外用药物治疗



邓丹琪 教授

How to use them





  • Characteristic of topic agents(外用药的性能)

  • Vehicles for topical agents(外用药的剂型)

  • Therapeutic principle of topic agents (治疗原则)

  • Caution(注意事项)

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 清洁剂 (clearing agents):

  • Function:Use to clear effusion(渗出物), scale(鳞), crust and residue.

    Examples :3%硼酸 Boric Acid Solution

    Sodium Chloride生理盐水

    Liquid Paraffin液体石蜡

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 保护剂 (protective agents)

    Fouction: Protect skin, reduce friction(摩擦), prevent effect of external irritant

    Examples: Talc Powder (滑石粉)

    Zinc Oxide Powder(氧化锌粉 )


Characteristic of topic agents

  • 止痒剂 (antipruritic agents)

    Function: Reducing the itching

    Examples:5% 苯唑卡因 Benzocaine

    0.5-2% 薄荷 Menthol

    2% 樟脑 Camphor


Characteristic of topic agents

  • 角质促成剂(keratoplastics)

    Function :Promote corneum epidermidis to become nomal. Anastole vascellum(收缩血管), relieve effusion and infiltrating.(减轻炎性渗出和浸润)(

    Examples:焦油 empyreumatic oil

    3%水杨酸 Salicylic Acid

    3%一5%硫磺 Sulfur

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 角质剥脱剂(keratolytics)

    Function:Make hyperkeratosis(过度角化)cell amotic(脱落).

    Examples:10% 硫磺 Sulfur

    5%~10% 水杨酸 Salicylic Acid

    0.01%~0.1%维A酸 Tretinoin

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 收敛剂(astringents)

    Function:Inhibit externalization of sweat gland and coil gland.凝固蛋白质、减少渗出


    Examples:5%甲醛 Formaldehyde

    0.2%~0.5%硝酸银 Silver Nitrate

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 腐蚀剂(caustics)

    Function:Destroy and removal hyperplastic(增生)granulation tissue and ecphyma(赘生物).

    Examples:苯酚 Phenol

    硝酸银 Silver Nitrate

    5-20%乳酸 Lactic Acid

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 抗菌剂(antiseptics)

    Function:Have disinfection or bacteriostasis.(杀灭或抑制细

    Exzamples:3%硼酸 Boric Acid Solution

    1%红霉素Erythromycin Ointment

    2%莫匹罗星 Mupirocin Ointment

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 抗真菌剂(antifungal agents)

    Function:Have kill or fungistasis(抑制真菌)

    Examples:2%~3%克霉唑 Clotrimazole

    1%益康唑 Econazole

    1%~2.5%硫化硒 Selenium Sulfide

    Benzoic Acid, (笨甲酸)

    Glacial acetic acid,(冰醋酸)


Characteristic of topic agents

  • 抗病毒剂(antiviral agents)

    Function: antiviral

    Examples:2%~3%阿昔洛韦 Aciclovir



Characteristic of topic agents

  • 杀虫剂(insecticides)

    Function:Kill parasite such as vermiform acari(蠕形


    Examples:5%~10%硫磺 Sulphur

    2%甲硝唑 Metronidazole

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 遮光剂 (sunscreen agents)

    Function:Absorb and prevent ultraviolet.

    Examples:5%二氧化钛 Titanium Dioxide

    10%氧化锌 Zinc Oxide

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 脱色剂 (Depigment agents)

    Function:Relieve hyperpigmentation,(色素沉着).

    Examples: 3%氢醌 Hydroquinone

    20%壬二酸 Azelaic Acid

Characteristic of topic agents

  • 维A酸类 (retinoids)






Characteristic of topic agents

  • 外用糖皮质激素 (glucocorticoid)

  • Function:Have anti-inflammatory, anaphylaxis, relieving itching.作用: 有明显的抗炎症作用

    低效 氢化可的松、地塞米松

    中效 去炎松、 氟轻松

    强效 氯氟舒松 、氯倍他索 、 倍氯米松

Vehicles for topical agents

1 溶液(solution)


Solution of medicine.

Function:dephlogisticate(消炎), loss of heat 散热, reduce effusion(收敛)

Examples:硼酸 Boric Acid cold wet compresses

Vehicles for topical agents

2 酊剂和醑剂 (tincture and spiritus)


Fixed medicine dissolved in alcohol


Volatility medicine dissolved in alcohol

Function :dephlogisticate, sterilize(杀菌) and reliev itching.

Examples:斑秃酊 Alopecia Areata、

樟脑醑 Camphor

Vehicles for topical agents

3 粉剂 (powder) :Medical powder

Function:They also cool the skin, reduce friction, and smooth the skin surface.

Examples:氧化锌粉 Zinc Oxide

They are effective in preventing

miliaria ( 痱子)and intertrigo(擦烂).

Vehicles for topical agents

4 洗剂(lotion)

Insoluble medicine powder mixed

with water

Function:anti-itching ,bring cooling, astringent and protective effects.

Examples:Lotion Sulphur硫磺洗剂

Vehicles for topical agents

5 油剂 (oi1)

Insoluble medicine powder mixed with vegetable oil

Function:clearing, softening crust, protecting and moist skin lesion.

Examples: seed fat,

mineral oil,

animal oil.

25%~40%Zinc oxide oil

Vehicles for topical agents

6 乳剂 (emulsion): Emulsifyingmixture of oil and water.

Two types of emulsion: one type are water-in-oil

emulsive vehicles(脂), they are mostly applied on dry lesions.

The other are creams(霜), called oil-in-water emulsive vehicles.

Function: protecting and moist skin lesion.


Vehicles for topical agents

7 软膏 (ointment):Medicine mixed with

lipidic groundsubstance, such as vaseline、simple

ointment (vegetable oil add Beeswax )or animal


Function:softening crust, protecting and moist skin lesion.

Examples:红霉素软膏 Erythromycin Ointment

Vehicles for topical agents

8 糊剂(paste):

Ointment with 25%-50%powder.

Function: astringent


氧化锌糊 Paste Zinc Oxide

Vehicles for topical agents

9 硬膏 (plaster)

Medicine dissolved or mixed , attached to

groundsubstance,such as cloth, paper or

pellicle with hole.

Function:protecting and moist skin lesion.

Examples: 肤疾宁硬膏

Vehicles for topical agents

10 涂膜剂(film)

Film-former of high molecular compound dissolving

organism menstruum(溶剂)or water add medicine.

Function: protecting and moist skin lesion.

Vehicles for topical agents

11 凝胶(gel)

Mixed with high molecular compound and

organism solvent.

Examples:Gel adapalane阿达帕林凝胶


Vehicles for topical agents

12 气雾剂(aerosol)

Medicine mixed with aerosol

,film-former of high molecular



Vehicles for topical agents

13 Others



Therapeutic principle of topic agents

Characteristic of topic gents

Etiology and pathogenesis:

Bacteria- antiseptics

Allergic disease- glucocorticoid、antihistamine

Symptom: antipruritic agents

Pathology: hyperkeratosis-- keratolytics


Therapeutic principle of topic agents

Therapeutic principle of topic agents

Acute dermatitis:

without exudation: powder or lotion

more exudation: solution

less exudation : oils or paste

Subacute dermatitis:

without exudation: emulsion orpaste

Less exudation: oils or paste

Chronic dermatitis: ointment, plaster, emulsion, film

Itaching: film, mulsion

Therapeutic principle of topic agents


  • Suitable consistency

  • Considering sex, age and lesion location

  • Method

  • Observation the efficacy and side-effect


Discussion 1

1、Dermatitis stage ?

2、What vehicles should be used for this

dermatitis ?

Discussion 2

1、 Dermatitis stage?

2、What vehicles can be elected?

1、Dermatitis stage ?

2、What vehicles can be elected ?

Discussion 3

1、Dermatitis stage ?

2、What vehicles can be elected ?


1.What is the Therapeutic principle of topic agents?How to

choice vehicles for chronic dermatitise?

2. Could we use ointment for acute dermatitise ?Why?

Thank You !

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