Differentiated earth
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Differentiated Earth. Homework and Review Questions. Q1. What element/s do you think would be found in the inner part of the Earth?. Q2.

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Differentiated earth

Differentiated Earth

Homework and Review Questions


What element/s do you think would be found in the inner part of the Earth?


The crust is the outer layer of the Earth. What would the density of the crustal minerals be like compared to the minerals making up the inner Earth layers?


What information would be needed to calculate the density of the entire Earth?


List all the layers of the Earth in order of their average density. (8 layers composed of matter)


The inner and outer core of earth are made out of the essentially the same material. One is liquid and the other is solid.

Identify which one liquid in nature and explain why it is liquid.


Does the crust have the same thickness and density throughout?


What are 3 major differences between ocean crust versus continental crust?


How are the northern lights created?


  • The zone that makes up nearly two-thirds of the Earth’s mass is the

    • crust

    • mantle (all parts)

    • core (inner and outer)

    • hydrosphere


  • A possible source of Earth’s magnetism is the Earth’s

    • Asthenosphere

    • Mantle

    • Core

    • Lithosphere


How is a hard-boiled egg a good model of the Earth’s different interior zones? Explain your answer


What is the major resource that geologists use to learn about Earth’s interior?


Compare and contrast the asthenosphere with the lithosphere.


What is the difference between the

Moho discontinuity and the

Aurora Borealis(Northern lights) ?


Which section contains the greatest portion of the Earth:




Question 16
Question 16

What happens to the temperature and pressure of the rock as you ascend from the center of the Earth to its surface?

Question 17
Question 17

What happens to the density of the material that makes up the Earth as you move from the surfaceto its center?

Question 18
Question 18

Which will significantly effect the movement of the Earth?

Billions of people running to the right at the same time

Simultaneous explosion of 500 large nuclear bombs at the same place on the world’s surface

A major eruption of a large volcano along the strength of the Mt. St. Helens eruption


Assume there is an elevator from the surface to the center of the earth (disregarding the impossibility of building such a device), and it moves at an average of 60 miles per hour.

How long in minutes, hours and days would it take the elevator to reach the center of the Earth from the surface?


If you had an airplane that could move at 60 miles per hour and had a really large gas tank, how long would it take you to travel the circumference of the world?

Answers in hours and days