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Post-Reading Strategies PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Post-Reading Strategies. EDRD 620 Spring 2008 Instructor: Melissa S. Ferro. Post-Reading Strategies. Reading Response Logs Literacy Scaffolds Semantic Mapping Think Aloud Read Aloud Echo Reading Guided Reading Silent Sustained Reading. Reading Response Logs.

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Post-Reading Strategies

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Post-Reading Strategies

EDRD 620

Spring 2008

Instructor: Melissa S. Ferro

Post-Reading Strategies

  • Reading Response Logs

  • Literacy Scaffolds

  • Semantic Mapping

  • Think Aloud

  • Read Aloud

  • Echo Reading

  • Guided Reading

  • Silent Sustained Reading

Reading Response Logs

  • Written responses and reactions in journal or notebook

  • Sample Questions:

    • What were your feelings after reading the opening chapter of this book?

    • Did this book make you laugh? Cry? Cringe? Smile? Cheer? Explain.

    • What connections are there between the book and your life? Explain.

Literacy Scaffolds

  • Reading and writing activities that include teacher or peer assistance in order for the student to be able to fully participate.

  • Based on social learning and Vygotsky’s ZPD

  • Scaffolds are temporary

    • Removed when the student is ready and able to participate in activities without them.

Literacy Scaffolds

  • Peer Tutoring / Checking / Monitoring

  • Dialogue Journals

    • I believe, I wonder, I like, I dislike…

  • Comprehension Checks:

    • Story Mapping

      • Characters, Plot,

    • Exit Slips

    • Oral or Written Summary Statements

Semantic Mapping

  • Visual strategy for vocabulary expansion and extension of knowledge by displaying in categories words related to one another

  • Builds on prior knowledge

  • Requires teacher modeling

Think Aloud

  • What does the title mean?

  • Where does the story take place?

  • How does this compare with other texts we have read?

  • How do you think the story will end?

  • How does this relate to activities in your life?

Read Aloud

  • Individually

  • Alternate by:

    • Rows

    • Teams

    • Girls v. Boys

    • Halves of the Room

  • Pairs

  • Small Groups

Echo Reading

  • The learner echoes or imitates a skilled reader. 

  • Helps learners:  

    • Gain confidence in reading aloud

    • Read material that might be too difficult for them to read alone

    • Practice proper phrasing and expression.

Guided Reading

Using the context, visual, and structure

cues within stories to generate meaning

  • Students are given unknown vocabulary, grammar, verbs, etc…

  • Length of text may be reduced or shortened

  • Students are encouraged to read for the gist –i.e. general understanding

Guided Reading

Implementation Guidelines:

  • Small groups with attention to individual needs

  • Short passages

  • Pre-reading activities in small groups

  • During-reading: teacher monitors individuals

  • Post-reading activities for comprehension

Silent Sustained Reading

  • Stephen Krashen in The Power of Reading, said that voluntary (free) reading is the single most beneficial act for increasing one’s reading comprehension and vocabulary retention.

Silent Sustained Reading

  • Students read for pleasure at designated time(s) throughout the day

    • “Stop, Drop, and Read”

  • Ample reading selections should be provided

    • Varied Topics

    • Varied Levels

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