The agricultural south
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The Agricultural South. Basing their entire economy on agriculture will begin to separate the southern colonies from the northern colonies. Plantation Society. Plantation-large,self sufficient Rivers are deep,wide No need for docks,warehouses Shops,markets do not develop

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The agricultural south

The Agricultural South

Basing their entire economy on agriculture will begin to separate the southern colonies from the northern colonies

Plantation society
Plantation Society

  • Plantation-large,self sufficient

  • Rivers are deep,wide

  • No need for docks,warehouses

  • Shops,markets do not develop

  • South will stay rural

Southern society
Southern Society

  • Immigrants to north came for religious freedom

  • Immigrants to middle colonies came for religious and economic reasons

  • Immigrants to south come for one reason-Make Money$$$$$

Life as a planter
Life as a Planter

  • Life is good!

  • Parties,balls,banquets

  • They will control politics

  • They will control many aspects of society

  • 1700-1770-Their standard of living is going way up

  • They will need slavery to keep up this lifestyle

Role of women
Role of women

  • Second class citizens

  • No legal/social rights

  • Could not vote

  • Taught to cook,clean,sew,garden

  • Do what your husband says!

Indentured servants
Indentured servants

  • Mostly young,white men

  • Only 10% will out live service

  • Life barely better than being a slave

  • If you do become free, than harsh life awaits you on the frontier

  • They will stop coming to new world


  • Decline in indentured servants,increase in need for slaves

  • Indians not good, they know the land, escape easily

  • White colonists see blacks as being inferior, this is how they justify what they do

Triangular trade
Triangular trade

  • Rum/goods from colonies to Africa

  • Trade for slaves

  • Slaves to W.Indies-sold for sugar,molasses

  • Sugar,molasses to colonies to make rum

  • This will encompass No./So. Colonies,W.Indies,England Europe Africa

Middle passage
Middle passage

  • The trans-Atlantic trip for slaves from Africa

  • Horrible,inhumane

  • Slaves are crammed in small spaces, chained,no air, much disease

  • They could not even starve themselves to death-would be force-fed

Africans adapt
Africans adapt

  • Came from all over Africa

  • Bonded with each other to support each other, fight back

  • Kept their culture alive

  • Took care of each others children

  • Customary dance pays tribute to gods and ancestors

Stono rebellion
Stono rebellion

  • Slaves are not “passive” in their enslavement

  • They kill planter families

  • Very nearly successful

Results of rebellion
Results of rebellion

  • Slave laws become even more strict

  • Slaves will continue to rebel

  • Slaves will take up with natives

  • Marriage between them is common

  • Colonies becoming more and more dependent on slave labor

The commercial north

The commercial north

Diversity is the key to their success

Urban based society
Urban-based society

  • Trade,commerce

  • Population concentrated in cities

  • Schools!

  • Very broad based economy

Diverse economy
Diverse economy

  • They produce many crops

  • Wheat and corn are mainstays

  • Lumber,fishing

  • Shipbuilding

  • Merchants are a powerful political force

  • Middle colonies will be known as the “breadbasket”

Urban life
Urban life

  • Busy ports=growing cities

  • N.Y.,Boston,Philadelphia

  • Phil. Will become 2nd. Largest city in British empire

  • Phil. becomes model for future cities

  • Open public spaces,paved,lighted(oil lamps) streets,grid layout,police patrols

Big city drawbacks
Big city drawbacks

  • Over populated

  • Clean water,firewood hard to come by

  • They really did not plan for sewage/garbage issues

  • No public works program

Diverse society
Diverse society

  • The north attracts a wide variety of immigrants

  • They come for many reasons

  • They tend to come as families

  • Shockingly,These many ethnic groups do not mix well

Northern slavery
Northern slavery

  • Make no mistake,racism,slavery existed in the north

  • Did not flourish because of nature of the economy-very diverse

  • Wheat,corn not as labor intensive as rice,tobacco

  • Slaves did have better status-they could sue/be sued

  • There were rebellions in the north also

Women s rights
Women's rights

  • No./So. Agree on this!

  • Second class citizens

  • Few legal rights

  • No voting

  • Only a single woman could own a business

  • Husbands control all aspects of life

Salem witch trials
Salem witch trials

  • A perfect storm of women’s rights, religious fanatics, and native relations

  • Poor girls will accuse mostly upper class people of being witches

  • Hysteria spreads

  • Shockingly, only when the governor's wife is accused do they think that maybe this is out of control!

The enlightenment
The enlightenment

  • Post witch trials,people will question religion as sole authority on how the world functions

  • Natural laws, not miracles, or chance dictate the world

  • Political figures conclude that individuals have natural rights- “the pursuit of happiness”

  • Ben Franklin- uses experiments,reasoning, to figure out the processes of nature

The great awakening
The Great Awakening

  • 1691- laws change-Puritans can no longer force their religion on all

  • They begin to lose control

  • There is an increase in desire for personal pleasure/gain

Jonathan edwards
Jonathan Edwards

  • He leads the charge to get people back on religious track

  • You need more than church attendance

  • Rededicate yourselves to God

  • Revivals of 1730s-1740s are HUGE

  • Colonists,Indians,Africans come to Christianity for the 1st time

Results of the awakening
Results of the Awakening

  • Old established churches are challenged

  • New denominations gain members

  • Great increase in higher education

Things to remember
Things to remember

  • Reason/emotion emphasized

  • Individual now important

  • Church no longer sole authority

  • Colonists will question British authority

  • No./So. Are worlds apart in how they view economy/society

  • They do agree on role of women!