Standards-Based Education
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Standards-Based Education. Assess. Academic Content Standards. Teach. Revise. Standards-Based Education means. . . Standards guide instructional decisions at the classroom level The focus of instruction is on student learning Expectations for learning are

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Standards-Based Education







Standards-Based Education

means. . .

Standardsguide instructional decisions at the classroom level

The focus of instruction is on


Expectations for learning are

the same for all students

Standards-Based Education

means. . .

  • Assessment and results are used to guide and modify instruction

  • The final qualifier of instructional effectiveness is whether the instruction results in increased student learning

Standards-Based Education


Curriculum gains focus and clarity

All grade levels learn

rigorous academic content

Standards provide a system for communicating expectations

Standards delineatewhat matters

Standards-Based Education

Paradigm shift from teacher

to student

How well did I teach?


What did students learn?

Standards-Based Education

Instruction and assessment are adapted to accommodate students with special needs or alternative learning styles.

Lesson plans focus on what is to be learned rather than on what is taught.

Many stakeholders share responsibility for standards-based education.

Standards-Based Education Components

Curricular materials need to address standards.

Instructional strategies must provide opportunities for students to learn expectations outlined in the standards.

What students know and are able to do is clearly defined before an instructional unit begins.