Reconstruction of the naval maritime environment in cuba
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RECONSTRUCTION OF THE NAVAL-MARITIME ENVIRONMENT IN CUBA. Andres Vazquez Captain October 9, 2013. Thank You Note.

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Andres VazquezCaptain

www.circulonaval.comOctober 9, 2013

Thank You Note

The republic of Cuba is an archipelago nation with 3,735 km of coast line and with thousands of small and large islands.Between the eastern and western extremities of the island, there is a distance of approximately 750miles and there are an extraordinarily large number of good harbors, among which are the bottlenecked harbors that have narrow entrances but ample anchorage.

The actual situation

As a result of years of inadequate investment, neglect and bad management of repairs and maintenance, Cuba’s infrastructure has significantly deteriorated.

A sudden change in the political picture in the Country will create havoc, especially in the big cities and the main ports, due to the sudden increase in traffic and activities.:

Rebuilding the CubanMerchant Marine and Related Maritime Environment

With the help of the US Government and Private Investors create Public -Private Partnerships t o modernize the Fleet and Port Facilities. Obtain financing from the World Bank Group , the IMF and the Interamerican Bank.

Improve the Marine Transport System, including the Merchant Marine, Land Transportation, Piers and Marine Terminals, Telecommunications, Water and Sanitation Facilities, the Naval Academy , the Shipyards , the Naval Hospital, Intermodal Operations, the Fishing Fleet , the National Weather Observatory and prevent the Contamination of Bays, Estuaries and Shores.

Create a Maritime Ministry in charge of the Merchant Marine, the Fishing Industry, the Cuban Navy, Ports Development and the Joint Administration with the US Navy of the Guantanamo Naval Base .

Port Facilities and Intermodal Transportation

Repair and replacement of equipment and modernization of the Port Facilities and Passenger Terminals will be a key maritime infrastructure priority.

The transition government should encourage the creation of private sector companies engaged in the maritime field and help with the financing.

The Mega Port of Mariel

Cuba is preparing itself to become a major player in the international trade market by investing $900 million renovating Mariel Port and creating a Special Development Zone (free zone) near the terminal. The project is a joint venture between the Brazilian government, which is financing $690 million, and the Cuban government, which will contribute $260 million.

3 Problemswith the Mega Port of Mariel

The Cuban Embargo that could be lifted as soon as a Democratic Government assumes control of the country.

The poor condition of all infrastructure in Cuba, especially that related to the Maritime Commerce.

The competition of other ports in the area that are investing heavily, modernizing their installations and getting ready for the new Panamax Class container ships that will be arriving soon. The main ports involved in this competition are: Kingston, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

The Future Cuban Navy

Yacht Design and Marine Projects by Arthur Barbeito Naval Architect

Yacht Design and Marine Projects by Arthur Barbeito Naval Architect

Offshore Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance

Offshore Wind Farms Could Create up to 50.000 Jobs while marine life finds shelter and new habitats around the platform.

Cuban Naval Academy Mariel

Cuban Naval Academy Mariel before 1959

Stairway to Naval Academy after 1959

Cuban Naval Academy Mariel after 1959

The Naval Hospital



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