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A wine tasting gathering
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A Wine Tasting Gathering. A Wine Tasting Gathering. I was invited by an alumnus of our lab – Stephan, to joined a wine tasting Gathering The wine tasting Gathering Time: 2007/9/15 Saturday Place: 寂寞聖賢 Lonely Sage Restaurant Price: about NT1000/each

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A Wine Tasting Gathering

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A wine tasting gathering

A Wine Tasting Gathering

A wine tasting gathering1

A Wine Tasting Gathering

  • I was invited by an alumnus of our lab – Stephan, to joined a wine tasting Gathering

  • The wine tasting Gathering

    • Time: 2007/9/15 Saturday

    • Place:寂寞聖賢 Lonely Sage Restaurant

    • Price: about NT1000/each

  • The organizer will select a few wines (red wine and white wine), and teach you how to taste

Lonely sage restaurant

寂寞聖賢 Lonely Sage Restaurant


A wine tasting gathering


  • South America

    • Chile

    • Argentina

Stephan steven

Stephan & Steven

  • Two alumni

Old world new world

Old World & New World

  • Old world

    • Old world wineries must follow strict rules governing the types of grapes used in their wines , the area in which these grapes must be grown, as well as vineyard and winemaking practices.

    • Old world countries:

      • Austria, France,Germany,Italy,Portugal, and Spain

  • New world

    • Less rules and varietal labeling

    • New world countries:

      • Australia, Argentina, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, and USA

Grape varieties

Grape Varieties

  • Commonwhitegrapes

    • Chardonnay(夏多內)

    • SauvignonBlanc(白蘇維翁)

    • Riesling(麗絲玲)

    • Semillon(榭密雍)

  • Commonred/blackgrapes

    • CabernetSauvignon(卡本肉~蘇維濃)

    • Merlot(梅洛)

    • Syrah(Shiraz)(希哈)

    • PinotNoir(黑皮諾)



  • Arguably today’s most popular whitegrape

  • Able to adapt to a variety of climates

  • Exhibits green apple and citrus(柑橘)notes in cooler climates

  • Exhibits baked pineapple and tropical fruits in hotter climates

  • The best expression of Chardonnay can be found in Burgundy(布根地), France



  • High in acidity with a light body and relatively low alcohol level

  • Intensely flavorful, with apricot(杏仁), melon(甜瓜)and/or peach flavors

  • Best Rieslings come from all over Germany

    • Primarily the regions of Mosel-Saar-Ruwers and Rheingau

Cabernet sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Arguably the greatest of the black grapes

  • Distinct flavors of cassis(黑醋栗), as well as cedar(香柏木), leather(皮革)and plum(梅子)

  • Medium- to full-bodied(黏稠度), rich and high in tannins(丹寧)

  • Age better than most wines

  • Best Cabernet Sauvignon wines come from California and the Médoc region of Bordeaux in France



  • Flavors are quite similartoCabernet Sauvignon

    • deeper color

    • integrated flavors of baked cherry and mocha(咖啡)

  • Softer tannins

  • Merlot excels in the Pomerol and St.-Émilion, two regions in the so-called "Right Bank" of Bordeaux, France

The wines we tried

The Wines We Tried

  • 2 white wines and 4 red wines

    • All new world’s wines: Chile and Argentina

The wines we tried1

The Wines We Tried

  • Valdivieso–Chardonay2005

    • CuricoValley,Chile

    • Flavorofapple,highacidity,medium-bodied

    • NT315

  • LuisFelipsEward–Relising2005

    • ColchaguaValley,Chile

    • Flavorofflowersandcitrus(柑橘)

    • NT385

  • BP–Carmenere2004

    • ColchaguaValley,Chile

    • Flavorofblackchocolateandspices

    • NT385

The wines we tried2

The Wines We Tried

  • BIANCHI–Malbec2005

    • Mendoza,Argentina

    • Flavorofviolet(紫羅蘭花)

    • NT385

  • Valdivieso–Merlot2005

    • CenteralValley,Chile

    • Mixedflavorofflowers,cherry,andleather

    • NT385

  • LAJOYA–CabernetSauvignon2003

    • ColchaguaValley,Chile

    • Flavorofcassis

    • NT525

Lets begin



Wine tasting

Wine Tasting

  • Serving,pouringandbreathing

  • Looking

  • Smelling

  • Tasting

Serving pouring and breathing


  • Servingtemperature

    • Redwine:18~20˚C

      • Placeinrefrigerator30minutesbeforeopen

    • Whitewine:7~12˚C

      • Placeinrefrigerator1.5hoursbeforeopen

  • Pouring

    • Don’ttouchtheglasswithbottle

    • Fill the glass no more thanhalf

    • Graspthestemoftheglass,don’tholdthebody

      • Temperatureofhandwillaffectthewine

  • Breathing

    • Allowing theair penetrate the wine

    • Not always clear when and and for how long

      • Dependsondifferentwinesandpersonalpreference

      • Regularredwine:10~15minutes



  • Sight

    • slightly tilt the wine in the glass

    • look at it against a white or pale background

    • clear or cloudy?

  • Swirl

    • Observe the streaks of wine (legs)

    • Full-bodied wines are heavy and come down the sides of the glass in sheets

    • Medium-bodied wines are less thick and break into "legs“

    • Light-bodied wines are not heavy and will not cling to the sides of the glass when swirled



  • Pleasant Nose

    • Fresh nose,flowery nose,fruity nose,spicy nose,clean nose

    • Oktodrink

  • Unpleasant Nose

    • Metallic nose,moldy nose(發霉),cory nose(木塞味),sulfuric nose(硫磺味),vinegary nose(酸味)

    • Unfittodrink



  • Letting the wine spread across the tongue from front to back and side to side before swallowing

  • Initial taste

    • first impression

  • Taste

    • Examine the body and texture of the wine

    • Flavor,balance,etc

  • Aftertaste

    • The taste that remains in your mouth after you have swallowed the wine. How long did the taste last? Was it pleasant?







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