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Cloverleaf ERD. February 15, 2012. Ten Worst Practices : We talk a lot about teaching's "best practices," but what about teaching's "worst practices?". 10. Starting the day by announcing that the only reason you are at school is that you failed to win the lottery again last night.

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Cloverleaf ERD

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Cloverleaf erd

Cloverleaf ERD

February 15, 2012

Cloverleaf erd

Ten Worst Practices: We talk a lot about teaching's "best practices," but what about teaching's "worst practices?"

Cloverleaf erd

  • 10. Starting the day by announcing that the only reason you are at school is that you failed to win the lottery again last night.

  • 9. Eating gassy foods on the day of parent conferences.

  • 8. Allowing students to turn in their papers by wadding them up and firing them in the direction of your desk.

  • 7. Hiding in your file cabinet to avoid having to deal with your principal.

Cloverleaf erd

  • 6. Loaning permanent markers to the students who forgot to bring something with which to write.

  • 5. Loaning your school keys to the substitute teacher you've never seen before… or since.

  • 4. Pulling the fire alarm to get extra recesses.

  • 3. Wearing nice clothes to supervise the lunchroom.

  • 2. Word-find worksheets.

  • 1. Spray glue and glitter.

Dpi professional development modules

DPI Professional Development Modules

  • NC Education

  • Log on with NC FALCON password

  • Go to Link Menu

    • The Call for Change

    • The Summer Institute 2011

    • Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy

    • Local Curricula

Where have we been where are we going

Where have we been? Where are we going?

Shifts that need to be made before next year:

  • 8 practices: conceptual to abstract; focus on problem solving and explaining thinking; decomposing and composing numbers;

  • Balancing Informational and Literary Texts

  • Emphasize literacy experiences across content areas

  • Attention to text complexity

  • Rich questioning and providing answers with evidence based on text

  • Writing from sources

  • Focus on academic vocabulary

Learning targets for today

Learning Targets for Today

  • I can plan purposeful and meaningful questions for my students

  • I can understand the ACE strategy for student responses

  • I can understand Math Practice #3

Ace rubric

ACE Rubric

Strategy to explain my thinking in a variety of disciplines using authentic writing…..




Math practice 3

Math Practice 3

  • Common Core

  • EnVision

  • Grade Level Examples

  • Teacher Share

Video from teaching channel common core

Video from teaching channel common core


Key connections in shift 4 text based answers

Key Connections in Shift 4: Text-based Answers

  • “Careful planning

    requires spending much more time in preparing for instruction by reading carefully yourself.”

  • What are“questions worth asking?”

  • “We talk in terms of pre-reading, during reading and post reading, but in many ways there’s just reading.”

  • “Where did the author say that? Why do you think the author believes that? Show me the words in the text.”

Common core connections

Common core Connections

Ace rubric for ela

ACE Rubric for ELA

  • I can help students use strategies to explain their thinking in a variety of disciplines.

  • I can track student progress by seeing their thinking in writing.

    Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • Create questions that promote deep conversation and thinking

  • Model and think aloud

Grade level work time what does the ace rubric look like at your grade level

Grade Level work time What does the ACE rubric “look like” at your grade level?

  • In grade level groups review a story, article, or text you will be using in upcoming weeks.

  • Are the questions presented in the manual “worth” asking?

  • Create the quality questions you can use with these resources.

  • Share out…

Cloverleaf erd

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