Wosat 7 10 earth science maps
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WOSAT- 7-10 Earth Science Maps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WOSAT- 7-10 Earth Science Maps. Eric M. Sullenberger. Overview: Demographics. Russia Local School, Russia, OH- rural, public 8 th grade general science class 2 periods of 20 students each mixed ability. Overview: Unit. 8 th grade ESS- Earth Sys.

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Wosat 7 10 earth science maps

WOSAT- 7-10 Earth ScienceMaps

Eric M. Sullenberger

Overview demographics
Overview: Demographics

  • Russia Local School, Russia, OH- rural, public

  • 8th grade general science class

    • 2 periods of 20 students each

    • mixed ability

Overview unit
Overview: Unit

  • 8th grade ESS- Earth Sys.

    • Indicator: 11. Use models to analyze the size and shape of Earth, its surface and its interior (e.g., globes, topographic maps, satellite images).

  • Unit on Maps

    • Types

    • Terminology

    • Topography with 4 lab activities

    • Introduction to satellite technology

Overview topography labs
Overview: Topography Labs

  • Contour Lines and Using Topographic Maps

    • Simple label lines and turn into cross-section

  • Drawing Contour Maps

    • Elevations given, draw in contour lines

  • Making Contour Maps

    • Make model landscape out of clay, then draw map, then have another group reconstruct

  • Bathymetry and Sea-floor Sounding

    • Landscape made in box and then sounded with dowel rods to construct map.

Assessment informal
Assessment: Informal

  • Open-inquiry Introductory Activity

    • What is a map?- students responded to this question and then looked at a plethora of different types of maps and then responded to this question again. Responses were graded looking to see a conceptual change.

  • Using contour lines- checked progress throughout the lab and then checked contour profile

  • Making Contour Maps & Bathymetry- collected final maps and monitored student participation.

Assessment formal
Assessment: Formal

  • Drawing Contour Maps- students were required to complete and turn in at least two maps and attempt a third; bonus was given for completing all four maps.

  • Unit test & OAT review homework- the test checked each student individually and the OAT review checked their recall 2-3 weeks later.

Data interpretation
Data Interpretation

  • The overall concept of maps was taught to students and overall they changed their views of what maps were.

  • Students gained knowledge of what contour maps are and learned how to read and even make them.

  • Because of the amount of lab work done a few students failed to comprehend the subject fully, as evidenced by some low test scores.

  • Retention however was high as most students still recalled the process weeks later.

Overall reflection
Overall Reflection

  • Overall the unit went well.

  • The Intro to Maps will probably be shortened in the future by limiting the amount of time at each station and map, as well as limiting the writing involved.

  • Notes to review or going over the “Contour Lines” introduction lab will help check wayward progress early and save time overall.

  • Assign “Drawing Contour Maps” worksheets as homework, again to save time.

  • Find some way to store models between lab days.

  • Good unit, but took more time than was necessary.