Confoscan images to follow
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Confoscan Images to Follow. MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION.

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Confoscan Images to Follow

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Confoscan images to follow

Confoscan Images to Follow

Microscopic examination


  • Two H & E, two PAS, one B & B, one GMS, one Alcian blue, one Masson Trichrome and one Congo red stained slides are examined. Sections through the specimen show a piece of cornea with a variably thickened epithelium. There is subepithelial fibrosis with Bowman’s layer appearing disrupted; fragments of which are seen in the stroma. The stroma also shows red-staining material on Masson’s Trichrome. A few lymphocytes and plasma cells are also noted. Congo red and Alcian blue stains are negative. B & B and GMS stains are negative for any organisms associated with infectious crystalline keratopathy. PAS stain confirms the above findings.

Confoscan images to follow

Thickened epithelium

Fragments of Bowman’s




Confoscan images to follow

Red-staining material on

Masson’s Trichrome

Confoscan images to follow


Congo red and alcian blue stains are negative b b and gms stains are negative for any organisms

Congo red and Alcian blue stains are negative. B & B and GMS stains are negative for any organisms.


B & B

Congo red

Alcian blue



1) Subepithelial fibrosis.

2) Red-staining stromal deposits on Masson’s Trichrome.

Corneal epithelium, keratocytes, and endothelium should stain red; however, the most common stromal material which stains this way is hyaline. If a different material is suspected one could consider further studies.

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