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Strategic Research Plan

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Strategic Research Plan. the power of strategy + action Results from Breakout Sessions. Research Retreat 12 February 2010 Terri L. Lomax Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies. N ew growth. On day 1 of the retreat. Editorial Recommendations.

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Strategic Research Plan

the power of strategy + action

Results from Breakout Sessions

Research Retreat

12 February 2010

Terri L. Lomax

Vice Chancellor for Research

and Graduate Studies

editorial recommendations
Editorial Recommendations
  • Edit for brevity & impact (CONSOLIDATE)
  • Don’t confuse “Objectives” with “Action Items” and/or “Metrics”
  • Mindful of Strategic Plan vs. Implementation Plan
  • Remove jargon; straight talk
  • Preamble recommended. Address inclusion of traditional disciplines as well as multidisciplinary
content recommendations
Content Recommendations

Recurring themes/recommendations:

  • Need for first-class facilities & instrumentation: understand what we have, where we have it, and what we need.
  • Cluster hires/talent procurement: create advisory committees to help (roster should include internationally known researchers)
  • Need for unrestricted/flexible funding. Work with Development & Foundation Relations on this.
content recommendations1
Content Recommendations

Recurring themes/recommendations:

  • Create a culture of partnerships: show what the value is of multidisciplinary research for everyone involved.
  • Proactively nominate researchers for international awards. Make the nomination process available online.
content recommendations2
Content Recommendations

High-level content recommendations:

  • Align the Research Strategic Plan with other university plans (economic development, teaching & extension, etc.) While ours is specific to research it should compliment and fit with other plans.
  • Include values such as creativity & scholarship rather than a dollar-driven tone.
  • Illustrate NC State’s mission to respond to critical societal needs in our plan.
content recommendations3
Content Recommendations
  • Include “faculty, staff and students” throughout plan, rather than “faculty & grad students”
  • When referring to rewarding faculty activities that are ‘above and beyond,’ instead of using “incentive,” use another phrase (e.g. support & encourage)
  • Shore up our traditional strengths while entering into new areas of research
  • Bring existing traditional research areas together to create new strengths
content recommendations4
Content Recommendations

Specific content recommendations:

  • Sunset clause: Address the timeline of the Strategic Plan. (e.g. review every 5 years)
  • Incentives to keep undergrads on campus as graduate students
  • In order to increase Federal funding, work directly with program officers to create funding opportunities. Align SRAs with agency SRAs. Discussion about “capture teams.”
content recommendations5
Content Recommendations
  • Since DOD is becoming export-controlled, create system secure areas
  • To increase memberships, encourage University higher-administration to contact agency higher-administration
  • To attract grad students: Fellowships at the institutional level
  • Replace position on campus who serves as a mentor to those seeking graduate fellowships
content recommendations6
Content Recommendations
  • Examine dormant Master Agreements that could be revived and used.
  • Make sure there is a way for researchers to edit their own research profiles within the NC Expertise Database.
  • Create classes for new researchers regarding compliance, how to find resources, and what a proposal should look like.
  • If current facilities are not being used efficiently, re-assign them.
content recommendations7
Content Recommendations
  • Create industry advisory boards and learn how we can improve our partnerships
  • Encourage Department Heads to communicate with News Services when researchers are published in larger journals
  • Help graduates enter the job market: Pay for first year’s salary in return for joint patent assignments.
just plain good ideas
Just plain good ideas
  • “Ideas in-box” or “Idea Depot”
  • Work with URC to develop a website where people can submit research ideas/tools/practices that would work well at NC State
  • “Central Student Opportunity Database”
  • Work with URC to develop a website where we can list research projects/wish-lists and allow students to choose real-life problems to work on (anything from developing a web tool to part-time technician)
just plain good ideas1
Just plain good ideas
  • “Listening Sessions”
  • Don’t forget our students’ perspectives. Hold focus groups to learn exactly what researchers need, how industry would like to partner, etc.