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D ynamic E nergy O riginal Z ip E thusiasm Dance PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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D ynamic E nergy O riginal Z ip E thusiasm Dance. Bryonna Cane Invention Convention March 26, 2009. Problem. A large need for alternative exercise options in the community Expensive classes Distance to many of the studios requires transportation many do not have. Solution.

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D ynamic E nergy O riginal Z ip E thusiasm Dance

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DynamicEnergyOriginalZipEthusiasm Dance

Bryonna Cane

Invention Convention

March 26, 2009


  • A large need for alternative exercise options in the community

  • Expensive classes

  • Distance to many of the studios requires transportation many do not have


  • Exercise through dance

    • Specifically Zumba

      • Hip- Hop

      • Salsa

  • Affordable classes

    • Per class fee

  • Closer location to the community

    • Robinson Center

  • Mission Statement

    • Service business for the local community

    • Mission Statement:

      DEOZE Dance offers a fun way to work out with members of your community that also keeps your mind active during the process. Beyond dance, we seek to build self-esteem and confidence by teaching new skills and meeting people with similar interests.

    Industry and Market Analysis

    • Fragmented; there are offerings in three different places

    • Generally people are focusing on their health more and want more alternative activities

    • Market Analysis:

      • Many programs offered, but not to the age group that I am targeting

    Target Market

    • Ages: 17-35

    • Men and Women

    • Community surrounding the Robinson Community Learning Center: South Bend, IN

    • Low-mid income

    • Behavior

      • Need something within walking distance

      • Want a better athletic and social option


    Competitive Advantage

    • Cost effective and affordable

    • In walking distance

    • A studio centered around a younger demographic

    • It will build a brand in the area, that will end up serving as a barrier to entry

    • I have an understanding of the business side of the industry


    • Personal

      • 9 years dance experience

      • 4 years professional dance training

      • Teach all dance workshops and choreograph performances for Greater Holy Temple

    • Network

      • Aunt with dance background

      • Support network/mentors developed though experience

    How will I achieve a profit?

    • CASH COW: Classes

      • High enrollment

      • Having a high capacity

      • Easy payment plan

    Legal Structure

    • Sole proprietorship

      • Least expensive start-up cost

      • Partnership not needed at start-up until business picks up.

      • If needed: look for partner later

    • No contracting the employees

      • Pay bi-monthly

      • Hourly basis

    • Have every participant sign a liability release form

    Philanthropy Plan

    • I plan to donate 1 classes profit per month to the charity of my choice

    Marketing Mix

    Economics of One Unit

    Direct Labor (Variable Cost)

    Average Monthly Fixed Costs

    Monthly Sales Projection

    Start-up Investment

    Financing Strategy

    Projected Yearly Income Statement

    Return on Sales and Financial Ratios

    • ROS: = Yearly Net Profit / Total Sales * 100

      • = 63.15%

    • For every $1 of sales, my business earns:

      • = $0.63

    • Monthly Break-Even Units = Monthly fixed costs / Gross Profit per unit

      • = 1.4 classes at 15 people per class

    Intellectual Property

    • Copy write logo:

    Operating Plan

    • Banking: checking and savings account

    • Technology needed: computer for recordkeeping

    • Laws: obey capacity rules, limit liability with release forms, and maintain a business permit

    • Taxes: Report earnings quarterly on 1040 tax form


    Short term goal

    Break even

    Long Term

    Increase enrollment

    Double the amount of classes

    Branded Merchandise


    To teach people about the history of the dance

    Personal Goal

    To learn to teach the classes myself

    Long Term

    Nutrition, eating healthy

    Business and Educational Goals

    Time Management

    Business Schedule for a Typical 5-Day Week:

    • Entrepreneurship Hours: 20 Hours

    • School Hours: 25 Hours

    • Work Hours: 20 Hours

    • Free-Time: 30 Hours

    • Sleep: 7 Hours

    Thank you for yourconsideration and supportOf DEOZE Dance!

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