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Apollo. Done by Jacus Pek Le Xuan Yap Kai Herng. Planet . A planet is an object orbiting the sun, has enough mass to assume a spherical shape and most be gravitational dominant in its area.

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Done by

JacusPek Le Xuan

Yap Kai Herng



  • A planet is an object orbiting the sun, has enough mass to assume a spherical shape and most be gravitational dominant in its area.

  • The term "planets" derives from the Greek πλανήτης, meaning "wanderer", denoting objects whose position changed relative to the stars.



  • The Greek and Roman god of the Sun, music and healing.

  • A god that retained his Greek name in Roman times.

  • Apollo is a God without a planet to his name, but the Sun was attributed to him

Our planet

Our planet.

  • Named “Apollo” after the Greek and Roman god. Apollo does not have a planet named after him but the sun is his representation in the galaxy .

  • It is the closest planet to the Sun, therefore it is the hottest planet in the solar system, it has a mean surface temperature of about 500K. Highest being 509K and lowest is 498K

  • It has minimal axial tilt of about 10 degrees. Meaning it has very minimal temperature fluctuations.



  • It’s size is about slightly larger than Earth.

    Diameter = 13,000km

    Circumference= 40,500km

    Mass: 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    metric tons

    Surface: 525,000,000 sq km

Humanity and apollo

Humanity and Apollo

  • Any human would burn up on Apollo. Its temperature is a lot higher than the temperature range of humans.

  • Earth’s hottest temperature is about 57.8 degree Celsius compared to Apollo’s 227 degrees Celsius average temperature.

  • Apollo’s gravity is 2 times as much as Earth’s, making everyone twice as heavy and mobility twice as hard.

Discovery of apollo

Discovery of Apollo

  • The latest planet to be discovered on 15th February, 2011.

  • Apollo was discovery when it was perfectly aligned with Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on Singapore, darkening the country.

Special characteristics

Special characteristics

  • The planet has no rings.

  • The planet is so hot that most matter on it is in liquid state.

  • The planet is abundant in gold, silver, platinum and precious stones, making it the most ‘expensive’ planet in the solar system.



  • Made mostly of Carbon Dioxide, trapping heat in the planet.

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