The sultan who loved sheep
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The Sultan Who Loved Sheep PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Sultan Who Loved Sheep. One day Jimminez, the mighty Sultan of Faminto por Sangue came to visit his harem, looking very sad and dejected. Madmae asked him, “Why do ye look so forsaken, yer majesty?”. “I would like to pay tribute to me hearties the Black Sheep Brigade,” the Sultan replied.

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The Sultan Who Loved Sheep

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The Sultan Who Loved Sheep

One day Jimminez, the mighty Sultan of Faminto por Sangue came to visit his harem, looking very sad and dejected.

Madmae asked him, Why do ye look so forsaken, yer majesty?

I would like to pay tribute to me hearties the Black Sheep Brigade, the Sultan replied.

Not THOSE Black Sheep!

There ye goThats more like it!

But what can I give them that they dont already have? mused the Sultan.

They are some of the best navigators and pillagers in the Midnight Ocean, they dress in black & gold, they have MASSIVE piles of PoE and an enormous fletnot to mention theyre completely insane.

Well my king, said Bloodymarie, many have long coveted yer most prized possessionperhaps offering the Sheep time with yer lovely harem

ARRRGG! An excellent idea! cried Jimminez, I shall let the BSB royals take their portrait with which ever members of my harem they choose.

Dont get any bright ideas Sheep yer the ones with all the PoE, these are on yer doubloon!

But alas, tis not a fitting enough tribute to King Stuysevant and his court, we must do more, worried the Sultan.

I have heard Prince Dustybottom tell tales of his big chestperhaps he would donate it for our cause suggested Elfgirl.

Not THAT Chest!

THIS Chest!

And I know that Dusty also likes to show off his big stick, winked Gloriana.

Not THAT Stick!

NO! Not THAT Stick Either! Get yer mind out of the gutter!

I think he should offer to duel Prince Rummykins to pay homage to skillz of the Sheep.

Now thats a Big Stick!

Lord Yrag told me that Prince Dchow desires a custom bed, remarked Bellalynn.

While we can only make blue beds now, maybe someday when the gods allow we can give him free labor at yer furnisher on the bed of his dreams

Image censored due to disturbing content

Wait! cried Esperetta, I would like to offer myself on a silver platter, covered in cookies, pudding and peanut-butter cups for the Sheep to feast upon.

No REALLY, You dont want to see it.

Uhthats a fine idea Espy, yer sacrifice for the good of the flag will be noted, remarked the Sultan as he shook his head and rolled his eyes.

So the Sultan went to visit the Brigade, bearing with him gifts and offers of service. The Sheep were so impressed with the celebrated Famintos, they gifted the Sultan with the isle of Orca in reward.

The Sultan being humbled by such a generous gift, vowed to the Sheep, "In honor of yer generosity, I shall establish the Faminto PvP League.

Every month on the isle of Orca, we will host a sinking PvP sloop battle. We will create two perpetually warring flags for this purpose with crews named in honor of the glubbing we guarantee: Titanic and Lusitania.

Hatfields vs. McCoys


Participants will pay a nominal fee to join the crews and man the stations or navigate the ship in these themed contests. We will provide the sloops, appropriately stocked with rum and shot.

Brains vs. Brawn

Great Taste vs. Less Filling

Pirates will either sink (and suffer potential maimings), or claim bragging rights in that months challenge. We will make use of Orcas monger for supplies, and even provide for post boom-boom tournaments and access to commemorative portraits on the island.

Ceylon, the Sultans favorite added, My love, we could even make the first contest a Black Sheep grudge match

naming sloops after the most boisterous of the BSB royals Stuyvesant, Bendeall and Rummykins and letting them shoot each other til the ocean swallows them.

Aye Lady Cey, beamed the Sultan, we can have the ships named for the crazy roommates battle it out first, then the winner will fight the Rummykins ship. And for the winning ships namesake

Ooooh, I know! I know! shouted the pink-clad Esperetta. Whoevers ship wins will get their choice of keepsake to remember the BSBs stomping face on Orca and their profitable occupation for all these months.

But what keepsake would be appropriate for such a feat? asked the eunuch Repentant.

Yep we really will send you one!

I have just the prize smirked Espy, they can choose between two cinematic treasures

Scratch that!

The End

We are just getting started!!!

Much Better!


Conceived and hatched by Ceylon

Photo mutilation by Jimminez

Sick & Twisted Ideas by the nutcases of Faminto por Sangue

Horny Sheep played by Jimminez

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