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1. Waterpower XII USSD & ICOLD Workshop on Dam Research Boulder, CO September 2007







8. Boulder Meeting USSD COMMITTEES Concrete Construction & Rehab Dam Decommissioning Dam Safety & Security Earthquakes Education & Training Environment Foundations Hydraulics of Dams Membership Methods of Numerical Analysis of Dams Monitoring of Dams and their Foundations Public Awareness Register of Dams Tailings Dams Technical Activities

9. Waterpower XII USSD & ICOLD

10. Waterpower XII USSD & ICOLD

11. Waterpower XII USSD & ICOLD

12. Boulder Meeting World-Wide Seismicity

13. Boulder Meeting World-Wide Seismicity

14. Boulder Meeting World-Wide Seismicity

15. Boulder Meeting USSD Earthquakes Committee Mission : -To identify seismic design needs for dams and to study, research or assemble updated information and disseminate to those responsible for dam design and operation. -To work cooperatively with the ICOLD Committee on Seismic Aspects of Dam Design to develop reports and guidelines for world-wide distribution.

16. Boulder Meeting USSD Earthquakes Committee Recent Publications -Observed Performance of Dams During EQs, Vol. 1 -Guidelines for Earthquake Design and Evaluation of Structures Appurtenant to Dams -Sixteenth Annual USCOLD Lecture (1996) - Seismic Design and Performance of Dams -Reservoir Triggered Seismicity (1997) -Updated Guidelines for Selecting Seismic Parameters for Dam Projects (1999) -Observed Performance of Dams During Earthquakes, Volume 2, (2000)

17. Boulder Meeting USSD Earthquakes Committee Recent Publications (contd) -Guidelines on Design Features of Dams to Effectively Resist Seismic Ground Motions (2003) -Guidelines for Inspection of Dams After Earthquakes (2003) - Dam Modifications to Improve Performance During Strong Earthquakes (2003)

18. Boulder Meeting USSD Earthquakes Committee Publications in Progress: - EQ Deformation Analysis of Embankment Dams - Probabilistic Approach to Development of Ground Motion Parameters at Dams - Numerical Models for Seismic Analysis of Concrete Dams - Update of Strong Motion Records Report

19. Boulder Meeting ICOLD Committee Seismic Aspects of Dam Design Recent Publications: Bulletin #46 Seismicity & Dam Design Bulletin #52 Earthquake Analysis for Dams Bulletin #72 Selecting Seismic Parameters for Dams Bulletin #112 Neotectonics & Dams Recommendations & Case Histories (1998) Bulletin #113 Seismic Observations of Dams Guidelines & Case Histories (1999) Bulletin #120 Guideline on Design Features of Dams to Resist Seismic Ground Motion (2001)

20. Boulder Meeting ICOLD Committee Seismic Aspects of Dam Design Publications in Progress: -Seismic Aspects of Structures Appurtenant to Dams -Seismic Safety of Existing Dams -Seismic Interpretation of Integrated Observation Data -Reservoir Triggered Seismicity -Seismic Risk Determination & Related Techniques -Seismic Analysis & Design of Underground Construction for Hydro Power Plants

21. Boulder Meeting Observed Earthquake Performance of Dams Historically very few dams have been damaged by Earthquakes. Only about a dozen dams are known to have failed completely primarily tailings or hydraulic fill dams. Only about a half dozen other embankment or concrete gravity dams of significant size have been damaged.

22. Boulder Meeting Observed EQ Performance Of Embankment Dams Modern well-built embankment dams have performed well. Compacted clay dams have performed well. Rockfill and concrete-face rockfill dams have performed well. Insufficiently compacted sand or silt dams and tailings and hydraulic fill dams have performed poorly.

23. Boulder Meeting Observed EQ Performance Of Concrete Dams Concrete arch dams have performed extremely well. Concrete gravity and buttress dams have performed well. Shih-Kang Dam experience confirmed that concrete dams cannot be designed to accommodate fault rupture.

24. Boulder Meeting Earthquake Design Of Appurtenant Structures To Dams Earthquake Input Load Combinations Spillways Water Conduits, Gates and Valves Pipelines and Penstocks Tunnels Gates and Valves Seismic Qualification Intake/Outlet Towers Navigation Locks and Structures

25. Boulder Meeting Earthquake Design Of Dams To Effectively Resist Seismic Ground Motion Review of Dam Performance Dam Design Considerations Damsite Shape and Geology Selection of Dam Type Special Features for Seismic Design Embankment Dams Concrete Dams Combination Structures Landslides into the Reservoir Instrumentation

26. Boulder Meeting CONCLUSIONS

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