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Terralib and terraview
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TerraLib and TerraView. Karine Reis Ferreira Image Processing Division – DPI 20/10/2006. J. Jfddfjh gfsdfgdfssf fsdf fsdfsd sdfsdf. TerraLib. DBMS. What is TerraLib?. Free and Open source GIS software library GNU Library License Provides support for the development of GIS:

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TerraLib and TerraView

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Terralib and terraview

TerraLib and TerraView

Karine Reis Ferreira

Image Processing Division – DPI


What is terralib


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What is TerraLib?

  • Free and Open source GIS software library

    • GNU Library License

  • Provides support for the development of GIS:

    • Custom-built geographical applications

    • DBMS for manage spatial data (vector and raster)

  • Support for different DBMS

    • Relational DBMS:

      • Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server

    • OR DBMS with spatial extent

      • Oracle Spatial and PostGIS

What is terralib1

What is TerraLib?

  • It is a product to be used by computer programmers to build customizablegeographical applications

  • Web-based co-operative development - www.terralib.org

    • Documentation, download and forum

  • Developed by:

What is terraview

What is TerraView?

  • Geographical application built on TerraLib

  • It is an example of how to build a geographical application using TerraLib

  • ~ 7950 downloads in 2005 and 2801 in 2006

  • www.dpi.inpe.br/terraview

  • Current release: 3.1.3

What is terraview1

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What is TerraView?

Spring terralib terraview

SPRING - TerraLib - TerraView

Terralib vector data







TerraLib – Vector data

  • Some functions provided by TerraLib

    to deal with vector data:

    • Topological functions

      • Touches, Intersects, Inside, ...

    • Geographical operations

      • Buffer, Union, Intersection, ...

    • Spatial and temporal queries

    • Spatial and Temporal statistics

      • Moran, Kernel Map, ...

    • Address Geocoding

Terralib raster data

Image processing Application


TerraLib Kernel




TerraLib – Raster Data

  • TePDI – TerraLib image processing module:

    • Contains a set of functions to process raster data

Terralib raster data1

TerraLib – Raster Data

  • Current functions available in TePDI:

    • Image blending – Euclidian and multi-resolution blending.

    • Edge detection filters – Robers and Sobel filters.

    • Mask based linear filters.

    • Morphological filters ( Erosion, dilation and median ).

    • Radar filters ( Frost, Lee and Kuan ).

    • Image fusion ( HIS, Wavelets and Enhanced Wavelets algorithm )

    • Image Arithmetic algorithms.

    • Image contrast (linear methods, non-linear methods, statistical method ).

    • Image mosaic algorithms (Geographic and tie-points based).

    • Image registering algorithms.

    • Image segmentation algorithms.

    • Wavelets based decomposition filters.



  • PHP extension

  • Visualize and query geographical data from a TerraLib database in Web applications

  • Free and Open source

  • Example of application:

    • TerraWeb



Web Server




Image: PNG






Terralib applications and projects

TerraLib applications and projects

  • Cadastral Mapping

    • Improving urban management of large Brazilian cities

  • Public Health

    • Spatial statistical tools for epidemiology and health services

  • Social Exclusion

    • Indicators of social exclusion in inner-city areas

  • Land-use change modelling

    • Spatio-temporal models of deforestation in Amazonia

  • Emergency action planning

    • Oil refineries and pipelines (Petrobras)

Integrated urban geographic information systems

Integrated Urban Geographic Information Systems

SIGMUN, FUNCATEwww.funcate.org.br

Epidemiologic surveillance support system

Epidemiologic Surveillance Support System

  • SAUDAVEL project

  • Tools for epidemiological surveillance, integrating environmental aspects, risk factor detection, and automatic and semiautomatic methods, allowing outbreak detection and follow-up in space and time

Infopae an emergency plan deployment system

InfoPAE - An emergency plan deployment system

  • Automated system designed to improve the response to emergency situations

  • Applicable to pipelines, oils terminals, oil refineries and offshore installations, and it also proved to be a valuable training tool

  • Tecgraf and PETROBRAS

Terralib and terraview


  • API R-TerraLib: an R package that provides the integration between the software R and the GIS classes TerraLib

  • Developed by ESTE – UFPR



  • Dedicated GIS to Urban Network Applications

  • Developed by LAC-INPE

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