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Meet the aet
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Meet The AET!. Keeping up with your SAE project online. One more acronym to know. The AET Agriculture Experience Tracker Created by Texas A&M to help Ag.Ed. students keep up with their SAE projects by developing an online data base. Cool features. Access your info anywhere

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Meet The AET!

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Meet the aet

Meet The AET!

Keeping up with your SAE project online

One more acronym to know

One more acronym to know

  • The AET

    • Agriculture Experience Tracker

  • Created by Texas A&M to help Ag.Ed. students keep up with their SAE projects by developing an online data base

Cool features

Cool features

  • Access your info anywhere

  • Keeps up with records each year

  • Pictures, videos, etc.

  • Proficiency award applications

  • The American Degree application

  • Links up with My AgCN

Let s get started

Let’s get started!

  • Go to:

    • You may want to bookmark this site

  • On the left side of the screen, you will see “Please Sign In”

  • Click on yellow “Student” button

Logging in

Logging In

  • To log in, you will first need to enter our chapter number

    • NC0149***MEMORIZE THIS***

  • Your Username will be first letter of your first name followed by your last name.

  • Example: KArias

  • Your password would be the same as your username

After logging in

After logging in…

Update your profile

Update your profile

Account information

Account Information

  • Please fill the information out as best to your knowledge

  • You may change your Account Information setting

  • Please do not change password to something you cannot remember!

Setting up an experience

Setting up an Experience

Adding your experience

Adding your experience

  • This is the area that are doing your SAE in

  • Select Experience Category from the drop down box (Animal Systems= Animals, Plant Systems= Gardening)

  • You may have the option to select Subcategory

  • SAE Type (Entrepreneurship, Placement, Exploratory)

Adding your experience1

Adding your experience

  • Name: Brief description of your SAE

  • Description: If you would like to give more details about your SAE you may do so here

  • IMPORTANT! Leave the rest of the boxes as they are!

  • Click Save



  • My Experience I need to set up is for working in Christmas Trees. This is how it would look…



  • You would need to create a separate experience for each SAE “project” you might have

  • For example: You may be mowing hay and also raising beef cattle. You would need to have a Plant Systems Grain Crops experience for the hay and an Animal Systems Beef experience



  • At this point, you have not entered any hours

  • You MUST first have your experience set up before entering in hours. After setting up your experiences, you can put separate hours in for each day you work in that experience.

Entering in hours

Entering in hours

Entering in hours1

Entering in Hours

  • Be sure to select the correct date that you are entering hours for

  • Activity*: This is the specific thing that you did in your experience

  • Type: This is your experience(s) that you created earlier

  • Description: What all you actually did and important notes (weather)

  • Hours spent that day in activity

A note about activity

*A Note about “Activity”

  • There are several things you can do when working in Christmas Trees or anything in Agriculture. We created the Experience of “Christmas Trees” which is the broad category of our SAE.

  • Activity is where I would put what I specifically did in Christmas Trees that particular day I am logging

Entering in hours2

Entering in Hours

  • After entering in your hours and info, click “Save” or if you would like to enter in more hours, click “Save/Enter Another”

Reviewing entries

Reviewing Entries

  • To View your entries, go back to the “Journal” Section and Select “Review Your Journal Entries”

  • This will show your online “Log Book”

  • Login