Billons to billionths
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Billons to Billionths PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Billons to Billionths. Presenter: Carrie Persing 6-12 Math Dept. Chair MathScience Innovation Center. “ Nanoscience and technology will change the nature of almost every human-made object in the 21 st Century.” M.C. Roco , R.S. Williams, & P.Alvisatos , 1999.

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Billons to Billionths

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Billons to Billionths

Presenter: Carrie Persing6-12 Math Dept. ChairMathScience Innovation Center

“Nanoscience and technology will change the nature of almost every human-made object in the 21st Century.”M.C. Roco, R.S. Williams, & P.Alvisatos, 1999

The NSF projects that 6 million workers will be needed in the field of nanoscience and

What is a nanometer and why is size and scale important ?

  • Nano = dwarf in Greek

  • It is one billionth of a meter (1 x 10-9)

  • Properties of materials change at the nano level

  • a. melting point b. fluorescence c. conductivity d. chemical reactivity

Extremely Large vs. Extremely Small Numbers

How many grains of salt can fit in a gallon pitcher?


  • A million seconds is 12 days

    A billion seconds is 31 years

  • A million hours ago it was 1896

    A billion hours ago man did not


  • One red blood cell can deliver one billion molecules of oxygen.

  • There are about 6.2 billion people in the world.

How tall would a stack of a billion sheets of cardstock be?

ChallengeIf one story of a building is about 3 meters high how many stories would a billion sheets of card stock be?

ChallengeWhat fraction 0f 66,667 stories would one sheet of paper be?

How many grains of salt can fit in a gallon jug?

1,000 grains

1 Pinch =

1,000,000 grains

1 Cup =

1 Jug =

16,000,000 grains

How big would a container have to be to fit one billion grains?

Fox Elementary School is selling raffle tickets so you buy one ticket. The student tells you that you now have a one in ten chance of winning a prize.

A glass is filled with 95 grams of water. If I wanted to make it a 5% sugar solution, how much sugar must I add?

How did I make this a 10% solution out of water and food coloring?


Cup 1 has a 10% solution or 1/10 solution

* 1 part per ten

What would be the concentration be for Cup 2?

1/10 of 1/10 = 1/100

1% solution or

1 part per hundred

A Nanometer is a billionth of a meter

Well how small is that exactly?

The earth’s continents drift at about 1 nanometer per second

The average fingernail grows about one nanometer per second

There are more nanometers in the palm of your hand than there are cars in the United States.

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