Envelope window coverings impact on envelope recycling and sustainability initiatives
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Envelope Window Coverings . Impact on Envelope Recycling and Sustainability Initiatives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Envelope Window Coverings . Impact on Envelope Recycling and Sustainability Initiatives. EMA Plant Management Committee April 27, 2006. Window Coverings Agenda. Envelope Recycling and the Impact of Window Coverings ISRI / PSC TAPPI

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Envelope Window Coverings . Impact on Envelope Recycling and Sustainability Initiatives

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Envelope Window Coverings. Impact on Envelope Recycling and Sustainability Initiatives

EMA Plant Management Committee

April 27, 2006

Window Coverings Agenda

  • Envelope Recycling and the Impact of Window Coverings

    • ISRI / PSC

    • TAPPI

  • Sustainability Initiatives of Window Covering Manufacturers


Collection – at office or home

Infrastructure Required

Paper Stock Chapter

sets standards

Sold by Grade

  • Soft Mixed (1)

  • Mixed (2)

  • Sorted Office (37)

  • Plastic Windowed Envelopes (S-30)

  • typically allow 0.5 – 2.0 % prohibited materials

De-Inking plant

Bale going to Pulper


Scrap Paper






Solids Separation


UV coatings


paper clips



Mill Comments

  • If the material is not useable fiber, separate it as early in the process as possible

  • “small bar on the pareto chart – nuisance problem”

  • window envelope is preferred vs. an address label

  • shredding makes window coverings more difficult to separate


    plastic adds to BTU value

Paper Recycling - Summary

  • Collection

    • grades of scrap paper that allow envelope window coverings

    • There is no separation of envelopes by window covering type

  • Pulping -

  • De-trashing / Screening

    materials removed include staples, film, UV cured coatings…

  • Effect on Effluent

    • Envolution Study - Centre Technique du Papier International

Envelope Window Coverings

  • Polystyrene

  • Glassine

  • PLA

  • Others

Sustainability’s Triple Bottom Line

The ultimate balance sheet, calling attention to the three fundamental areas

  • economics

  • environment

  • society

Uses significantly less patch adhesive

Outstanding wet fiber tear

Great tear strength

Remarkable stiffness

Envelope and window can be composted together

Can be Recyclable or Repulpable in the Repulping process

Annually renewable and sourced from a stable raw material source – CORN !

Recognized by end users as the environmentally friendly choice

PLA Envelope Window Film Features

Greenhouse Gas Neutral Polymer

Multiple sources of annually renewable feedstock's




Sugar Beets

Sugar Cane

Can be recycled in a number of ways

Using 100 lbs of PLA film instead of a petrol based film will:

Save 50 liters(14 gal.) of gas

Power a 100 watt light bulb for 8 months

Same as eliminating the Carbon Dioxide emissions from an automobile over a 6-week period

Clear Benefits that the Consumer Understands

PLA Environmental Features

Polystyrene & Petroleum

12 – US Dept of Energy

Film Manufacturing

  • Melt pellets and convert to film

  • Zero landfill policy

  • Most scrap is reprocessed internally

  • Residual sold to scrap plastic processors

Film Manufacturing

  • Little scrap generation

    • some edge trim

    • some start up scrap

Packaging Material

  • Pallets

  • Cores

  • End boards

  • banding

  • stretch wrap

Cores and End Boards

  • Reused on thicker films and sheet

  • End boards are sent back for re-use

Both halves are used to ship slit rolls

Reusable Packing

Pallet that held master rolls is cut in half

Film Manufacturing - Summary

  • Zero landfill impact

    • no plastic goes into landfill

      • most reprocessed internally

      • minor amount sold to scrap dealers – like an envelope manufacturer sells paper clippings

  • Returnable Packaging

  • Non returnable packaging is reused

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Use thinner film when you can maintain productivity and quality


Thank you !

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