Nchrp 20 07 task 254 project
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NCHRP 20-07 Task 254 Project PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NCHRP 20-07 Task 254 Project. Vehicle Size & Weight Management Technology Transfer/Best Practices. NCHRP 20-07; Task 254 Project.

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NCHRP 20-07 Task 254 Project

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NCHRP 20-07 Task 254 Project

Vehicle Size & Weight Management Technology Transfer/Best Practices

NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

  • The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 20-07 project is designed to support AASHTO’s Subcommittee on Highway Transport (SCOHT) research needs.

  • The SCOHT identifies areas requiring further investigation and/or research and submit requests for funding to NCHRP through the 20-07 project.

  • Following the 2006 Commercial Vehicle Size and Weight Enforcement in Europe Scan, the SCOHT submitted a proposal, Task 254, for funding the development of informational material targeting State DOT Executives.

NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

The goal of this initiative is to:

  • Identify “best practice” approaches to truck size and weight enforcement identified as part of the Scan;

  • Include “best practices” currently employed by various States;

  • Document these approaches and uses of technology;

  • Make this information available to State DOT Executives and to Enforcement Agency representatives.

  • Task 254 was identified for funding by NCHRP in FFY09.

  • A seven member Panel made, up of five State and two Federal officials, is overseeing the Project work generated under this task.

  • NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • A problem statement was developed and submitted to NCHRP by SCOHT addressing the work needed to be completed.

    • A proposal was received and accepted from Dr. Jodi Carson, Texas Transportation Institute.

    • Dr. Carson served as the Report Writer on the 2006 European Truck S&W Scan.

    • Dr. Carson’s proposal was approved by the Panel and work is underway.

    • Eight work task activities are included under the project; a sixteen month time horizon for completion of the project is scheduled.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • The eight work tasks, and their status, included in the project are:

      • Work Task I – Develop a Menu of Supporting Technologies for VSW Management

        Approach – Information toward State “best practices” in using hardware and software tools for detecting truck size and weight measurements to support enforcement will be identified.

        Status – completed in July, 2008.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • Task 254 Activities (continued)

      • Work Task II – Summarize Relevant European VSW Management Policies and Procedures

        Approach – Using a sufficient level of detail to enhance technology transfer opportunities, summarize and assimilate essential information gained through the 2006 European Scan.

        Status – Completed in July, 2008.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • Task 254 Activities (continued)

      • Work Task III – Identify and Summarize Relevant U.S. VSW Management Policies and Procedures.

        Approach – Research of published literature material and contact with key U.S. points of contact will be summarized and assimilated to support technology transfer throughout the U.S.

        Status – Completed in August, 2008.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • Task 254 Activities (continued)

      • Work Task IV – Produce an Interim Report.

        Approach – An Interim Report presenting the findings generated under Tasks I-III will be prepared including sections on :

        • Introduction;

        • Supporting Technologies;

        • Applicable U.S. Functional Areas; and

        • Next Steps

          Status – The Interim Report was completed at the end of July and distributed to the Panel for review and comments in August, 2008. Included in the delivery of the Interim Report are five “Informational Briefs” as an Appendix.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • Task 254 Activities (continued)

      • Work Task IV, continued –

        The “Informational Briefs” included as the Appendix A. to the Interim Report are designed to facilitate vital information sharing. The subjects included in the “Briefs” are:

        • Overview of Commercial Vehicle Size & Weight Enforcement;

        • Weigh-in-Motion System Calibration;

        • Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permitting, Routing, and Monitoring;

        • Bridge Infrastructure Preservation;

        • Agency-Wide Benefits of CMV Size & Weight Management.

          Status – Drafts of each of the “Briefs” were distributed to the Panel for review and comment in August, 2008.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • Task 254 Activities (continued)

      • Task V – Develop US Implementation Process for Comprehensive VSW Management.

        Approach – Describe the role and requirements for targeted technologies accompanied by:

        • operational activity and capability of each and

        • implications for data management and data sharing.

          Status – Scheduled for Fall, 2008.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • Task 254 Activities (continued)

      • Work Task VI – Develop Outreach Material

        Approach – Using the information developed in Work Tasks I- III and V, prepare the following outreach material:

        • Final Versions of “Informational Briefs” for distribution on:

          • Various technologies for VSW management;

          • European and U.S. management policies developed for each “Informational Brief”; and

          • Recommended comprehensive approach to VSW management for U.S.

        • Modular presentation materials tailored to specific stakeholder groups targeted for presentations.

          Status – Informational Briefs and Presentation Materials to be finalized by end of September and available for AASHTO Annual Meeting in October, 2008.

    NCHRP 20-07; Task 254 Project

    • Task 254 Activities (continued)

      • Work Task VII – Conduct Outreach

        Approach –Presentations at large-scale meetings and workshops will be coordinated with AASHTO; presentations at:

        • The Annual AASHTO in October, 2008;

        • The Washington, DC, SCOHT Meeting in February, 2009; and

        • Up to four State-level visits to conduct on-site outreach presentations.

          Status – The project is on schedule to have the appropriate tools and materials available to for the October, 2008, and February, 2009, meetings, at a minimum.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project

    • Task 254 Activities (continued)

      • Work Task VIII – Produce Final Report

        Approach – Prepare and submit a Final Report that includes copies of the “Informational Briefs” and Presentation Materials. The Final Report will include:

        • Introduction;

        • Supporting Technologies for VSW Management;

        • Relevant European VSW Policies and Procedures;

        • Relevant U.S. VSW Policies and Procedures;

        • Recommended Approach to VSW Management in U.S.;

        • Methods and Results for Outreach Activities;

        • Next Steps.

          Status – The project is on schedule for delivery of the Final Report in the Summer, 2009.

    NCHRP20-07; Task 254 Project


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