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Politecnico di Torino. Fulvio Corno, Laura Farinetti, Alessandro Garbo, Isabella Signorile http://elite.polito.it. Kick-Off meeting 05-06/09/2004 Tampere, Finland. The University. Politecnico di Torino. Teaching. Research. Architecture (2 faculties).

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Politecnico di torino

Politecnico di Torino

Fulvio Corno, Laura Farinetti,

Alessandro Garbo, Isabella Signorile


Kick-Off meeting


Tampere, Finland

The university
The University

Politecnico di Torino




(2 faculties)

Research Departments(18 departments)

Dipartimento di Automatica

e Informatica (Computer science)


(4 faculties)

e-lite research group

Facoltà di Ingegneria

dell’Informazione (ICT)

Service Centers

(12 centers)

  • Est. 1859 (Royal Military School), re-est. 1906 (Public University)

  • 25.000 students, 115 degrees

  • 860 teaching staff

  • 800 technical/administrative staff

  • 7 locations

Centro per i Servizi Teledidattici

e Multimediali (CeTeM)

LISAD laboratory

The department
The Department

  • Computer Science and Control Engineering

  • 58 Faculty, 40 PhD, 15 technical staff

  • In computer science: VLSI design and test, electronic design automation, data bases, computer networks, computer security, software engineering, web and distributed applications

  • 2nd most active Department in European projects

  • Faculty involved in BS, MS, PhD degrees in Computer Engineering and post-grad Masters

The e lite research group
The e-lite research group

  • Established in 2000

  • 2 Faculty, 4 PhD students, 2 graduate engineers

  • Mission: e-learning, e-intelligence, e-interaction

  • Open to collaborations with other research groups and external entities

  • Previous experience

    • E-learning

    • Accessibility, assistive devices



  • Laboratorio per l’informatica, il supporto e l’accessibilità ai disabili (Laboratory for computers, support and accessibility to disabled students)

  • Availability of a range of assistive devices

  • Accessible to disabled student, enrolled in regular or e-learning courses

  • Accessibility for e-learning portal (courseware and student administration) and for didactical multimedia material

  • Service to other Centers of the Politecnico

Current research projects

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Integrando las Nuevas Tecnologías en la Escuela

eLearning System for Water and Environmental Studies

Current research projects


Current research projects1
Current research projects

  • CABLE: Case-Based Learning for Educators (Socrates-Minerva, coord.), 2003-2005

  • PRAISE: Peer Review Network Applying Intelligence to Social Work Education (eLearning), 2004-2005

  • Olympia: e-Learning environment in sports training (Leonardo), 2003-2004

  • INTEGRA: Integrando las Nuevas Tecnologías en la Escuela (@LIS – Alliance for the Information Society), 2003-2006

  • COGAIN: Communication by Gaze Interaction (FP6/NoE), 2004-2009

  • eSWES: e-Learning System for Water and Environments Studies (Tempus), 2004-2005

  • Passepartout: Information service for disabled in City of Torino

  • PiemonteVirtuale: Virtual environment encompassing all the region Piemonte for information, services, entertainment

  • Telecom Italia Lab: Semantically enabled automatic composition of web services

Research semantic web
Research – Semantic Web

  • User modeling

  • Action prediction

  • Context-aware applications

  • Intelligent “transparent” search

  • Easy-to-integrate platform

  • Multilingual

User groups involvement
User groups involvement


Istituto Superiore

Mario Boella

Politecnico di Torino

  • Public-private foundation

  • ICT development for existing and new SME

  • Social impact of ICT

  • Research laboratories

    • Services applications

    • Usability



  • Disabled students

  • Distance students



Existing research collaborations



Don Gnocchi

  • Center of information and exhibition of technologies for elderly and disabled

  • Domotics

  • Nation-wide charity foundation

  • Rehabilitation and consultancy center

People involved in cogain
People involved in COGAIN

Fulvio Corno (project responsible, e-lite)

Laura Farinetti (assistant professor, e-lite)

Isabella Signorile (graduate technical, LISAD)

  • Partial involvement of other PhD students

  • Focused collaboration with other research groups

Alessandro Garbo (PhD, e-lite)

Main role in cogain
Main role in COGAIN

  • WP1: Participation in community building

  • WP3: User involvement

  • WP4: Gaze communication systems

    • Versatile and adaptive platform

    • Web usability

  • WP5: Eye tracker development

    • Eye-tracking (multiple low-cost cameras)

    • Head- and eye-tracking