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Pre-Algebra. Fundamental Counting Principle. What Are You Learning?. I CAN use the fundamental counting principle to find the total number of outcomes. Why Do You Need To Know This?.

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pre algebra


Fundamental Counting Principle

what are you learning
What Are You Learning?
  • I CAN use the fundamental counting principle to find the total number of outcomes.
why do you need to know this
Why Do You Need To Know This?
  • The fundamental counting principle is useful because it give another way to find the sample space of various real world events.
  • They are also useful in finding the probabilities of various events.
  • Fundamental Counting Principle—If an event M can occur in m ways and is followed by event N that can occur in n ways, then the event M followed by N can occur in m x n ways.
  • You multiply the number of ways each event can happen.
451 steakhouse
451 Steakhouse
  • A famous steak house allows customers to create their own steak dinners.
  • How many different steak dinners are possible?
the table below shows the shirts shorts and shoes in gerry s wardrobe
The table below shows the shirts, shorts, and shoes in Gerry’s wardrobe.
  • How many possible outfits can he choose consisting of one shirt, one pair of shorts, and one pair of shoes?
An orchestra has one opening for a violinist, one opening for a cellist, and one opening for an oboist. 3 musicians are trying out for violin, 5 for cello, and 3 for oboe.
  • Find the # of ways the openings can be filled.
There are 2 roads connecting Eastland and Harping, 3 roads connecting Harping and Sinclair, and 2 roads connecting Sinclair and Johnstown.
  • Find the number of ways to drive from Eastland to Johnstown.
Elizabeth has 3 sweaters, 5 blouses, and 6 skirts that coordinate.
  • How many different outfits can Elizabeth make?
use the fundamental counting principle to find the total number of outcomes for each situation
tossing a quarter, dime, and a nickel

choosing scrambled, sunny-side up, or poached eggs with bacon or sausage and milk, orange juice, or apple juice

rolling a number cube and tossing two coins

choosing a number from 1 to 20 and a color from 7 colors

choosing a plain, blueberry, garlic, or cinnamon-and-raisin bagel with plain, chive, or sun-dried tomato cream cheese

choosing iced tea in regular, raspberry, lemon, or peach flavors; sweetened or unsweetened; and in a glass or in a plastic container

Use the Fundamental Counting Principle to find the total number of outcomes for each situation.