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Mankind is a single body andeachnation is a part of that body. Wemustnever say 'Whatdoes it mattertomeifsomepart of theworld is ailing ? ' Ifthere is such an illness, wemustconcernourselveswith it as thoughwewerehavingthatillness."

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

(A tributewrittenby Atatürk tothose ANZACS whodied in Gallipoli)

Heroeswhoshedtheirbloodandlosttheirlives! Youarenowlying in thesoil of a friendlycountry. Therefore rest in peace. There is no differencebetweentheJohnniesandMehmetsto us wheretheyliesidebysidehere in thiscountry of ours. You, themothers, who sent theirsonsfrom far awaycountrieswipeawayyourtears; yoursonsarenowlying in ourbosomandare in peace. Afterhavinglosttheirlives on thislandtheyhavebecomeoursons as well

Atatürk, a visionaryleader ,givesimportanttopeace. He believesthatpeace is themostimportantthingtoensureprogressanddevelopment. Turkishpeople has fought in somanywarssuch as Balkan Wars, theFirstWorldWarandtheIndependenceWar. Turkishnationsufferedsomuchfromthesewars.Andthesewarsobstructedtheprogressandthedevelopment of thecountry. But aftereachwarTurkishnationmanagedtorecover.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk firstpronounced ‘’Peace at homepeace in theworld’’ on 20 April 1931 tothepublicandlateraccepted as thepolicy of theRepublic of Turkey in foreignrelations.

Atatürk is a wellinformed, permissive, warmheartedandthemostimportantleader. Thisimportantleader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, alwaysthinksthatpeopleshouldlive in peace. He aimspeopletolive in peace in thecountryand in theworld.. Sothisprinciple is veryimportantfor us His wordsarefamous in theworld.

Thanksto Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, welive in peace in ourcountry. As Turkeywedon’tsupportwar . WefollowAtatürk’swords