Aboriginal art
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Aboriginal art. Heart of My People II by Andrew Williams.

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Aboriginal art

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Aboriginal art

Aboriginal art

Heart of my people ii by andrew williams

Heart of My People IIby Andrew Williams

Aboriginal art

  • It is a very large and complex work depicting many of the forest animals and sea creatures encountered by these coastal Aboriginal people in their daily lives. Note the rainbow serpent, the creature running horizontally through the work and the pair of spirit men or ancestral beings. The long necked tortoise and saltpetre crocodile, colourful reef fish, star fish and manta rays are all included as is the hatch of baby turtles. The tribe is at the heart of it all at their meeting place or campsite with it's central campfire.

Aboriginal art

  • Tides of the dolphinEach painting tells a traditional story of the specific dreamings, which are handed down through the generations by their Ancestors.Traditionally Aboriginal Artists are by Tribal Law, only allowed to paint their own Dreamings.

Aboriginal art symbols

Aboriginal Art Symbols

Aboriginal art symbols1

Aboriginal Art - Symbols

Aboriginal art

  • 01   inneditree (smallredseeds)02  witchetygrub03  2 men (eachsymbolrepresents 1 man) 04  footprints05  rainbow-cloudorsandhill06   womencooking07  womensittingwithcoolamon & diggingstick08  boomerang09  bushtomato-wildplum10  honeyants11  women12  stone axe13  emutracks14  emumotherearth15  dreamingtrails16  coolamon17  wildapples18  feedingkangarootracks19  child

Aboriginal art

  • 20  coolamon with carrying handle 21  camp site-stone well-rock hole-breast-fire-hole or fruit22  water-rainbow-snake-lightning-cliff-honey store23  man24  men sitting with boomerangs & spear25  spinifex26  spear thrower 27  dingo tracks28  woman & man or 2 persons back to back29  killer boomerang30  woomera31  spirit ancestor32  tribes33  yam34  lizard tracks35  2 men sitting by a water hole36  water hole 37  returning boomerang38  4 bladed boomerang used to keep ducks & birds down over water to run them into nets set across water

Aboriginal art

  • 39  community40  dreamingtrackwithemus. earthmotherenergyrising41  bushonion42  personsitting43  possumtracks44  undergroundwaterrunning44  water hole & drycreekbedconnecting to nextwater hole45  ducksflyingaroundwater hole46  music ( clap ) sticks47  goaannatracks. (goannas are snake bite immune)48  star49  bushbanana50  sandgoanna51  travelingsignwithcirclesasrestingplace52  rain53  movingkangarootracks54  4 womensittingwithdiggingsticks55  clouds-boomerangs-windbreaks56  sunfatherdestiny

Aboriginal art

  • Quellenangaben:

  • http://www.spiritofyarramunua.com

  • http://www.jintaart.com.au

  • http://www.didgeridoos.net.au

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