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Flextime (overview). IntroductionDefinition of FlextimePossible variations in the use of flextimeAdvantages of FlextimeDisadvantages of FlextimeQuestions to Consider When Evaluating Flextime as an Option (For Employers)Requesting Flextime (Tips for Employees)Managing Flextime Employees (Tips

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1. Flextime Maribel Vera

2. Flextime (overview) Introduction Definition of Flextime Possible variations in the use of flextime Advantages of Flextime Disadvantages of Flextime Questions to Consider When Evaluating Flextime as an Option (For Employers) Requesting Flextime (Tips for Employees) Managing Flextime Employees (Tips for Supervisors/Managers).

3. Introduction Working at a place where we had flexible work schedules Advantages to me School Second job Disadvantages (shortage of employees) Employees not showing to work Employees leaving work early.

4. Definition of Flextime Flextime is the term used for variation work hours that permit flexibility in starting and ending times within limits set by management. Flextime requires employees to work a standard number of hours within a given time period, usually forty hours during a 4 or 5 day week.

5. Possible variation Flex-hour/core hours Compressed workweek 4/10 hr. day with one day off 4/9 hr. day with one 4 hr. day allowing one afternoon off 9/80 = employees work 80 hrs. in nine days with one day off every other week Job Share: Two employees share duties and hrs. of one job.

6. Advantages of Flextime Increase coverage Reduce overtime cost Reduce tardiness and paid time off Increase productivity Increase employee’s satisfaction Promote cross training Excellent recruitment and retention tool Increase commitment, productivity, and morale.

7. Disadvantages of Flextime Can create inadequate staffing Can create difficulties Communication Scheduling meetings Coordinating work Can create supervision challenges Can create unhappiness for employees.

8. Evaluating Flextime Are there enough employees? Would it increase customer services/satisfaction? Would it help employees balance their demands? Will it threaten productivity or the mission of the department? Are you willing to try it? Would you like to offer employees a benefit?

9. Requesting Flextime Evaluate your job responsibilities Consider your department needs and any concerns your supervisor might have about flextime What type of schedule are you seeking? Can your productivity be maximized with flextime.

10. Managing Flextime Employees (Recommendations) Still requires management skills Identify and discuss problem areas as they develop Include flextime employees in all appropriate office meetings Flextime is the supervisor’s option Flextime is cheap and rewarding.

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