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Certification Plan Workshop. May 7, 2014 Version 1.1. What We Will Cover. Mentor Program Overview Certification Stories Behavioral Styles Volunteer Opportunities Certification Planning Volunteer Sign-up today. Purpose of Mentor Program.

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Certification plan workshop

Certification Plan Workshop

May 7, 2014

Version 1.1

What we will cover
What We Will Cover

  • Mentor Program Overview

  • Certification Stories

  • Behavioral Styles

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Certification Planning

  • Volunteer Sign-up today

Purpose of mentor program
Purpose of Mentor Program

  • To support and assist Associate Master Gardeners as you acquire your certification hours and become part of the MG community.

  • Your mentor is not your garden guru – his/her support is primarily to help you get the information you need.



  • Maintain contact (phone call, email, card) with mentee through the first year of the certification process

  • Be available to mentee for questions and guidance

  • Encourage mentee to attend monthly MGA meetings and if possible, carpool with the mentee

  • Participate in mentee’s recognition of certification when awarded at MGA meeting


  • Attend the Certification Plan Workshop

  • Communicate with your mentor during the certification year

Certification stories
Certification Stories

50 hours in 13 months?

Easy shmeasy!!!!

Why behavioral styles
Why Behavioral Styles?

  • Know your style

    • Helps you select volunteer work you will enjoy

  • Know others’ styles

    • Promotes teamwork

      It’s not about the hours







Take Charge


Results Focused

Tend to ask “what”

Like to win

Like to have the last say

Potential Liabilities: Impatient, Insensitive, Autocratic





Good Planner

Tend to ask “how”

Make lists


Potential Liabilities: Indecisive, Too Detailed, Risk Adverse


  • Characteristics

  • Stimulating

  • Inspirational

  • Idea Generator

  • Tend to ask “who”

  • Dislike boring explanations

  • Potential Liabilities: Impulsive, Poor Follow-through, Poor Planning


  • Characteristics

  • Team Player

  • Consensus Builder

  • Relationship-oriented

  • Tend to ask “why”

  • Like positive attention

  • Potential Liabilities: Too Agreeable, Avoids Conflict, Not Demanding Enough


Mentee – May want to find own projects

Mentor – Overbearing or will want more involvement


Mentee – May want plan w/ dates; stress if not getting hours

Mentor – Could take too long to help mentee make decision


Mentee – Lots of ideas with trouble following through

Mentor – May find it difficult to follow-up w/ mentee


Mentee – May be in it for personal contact; may want more interaction

Mentor – May be more concerned w/ how mentee feels than if they are finding activities

When Working With …


Let them be in charge of something

Allow freedom to do things their own way


Provide them with info

Provide some structure


Get excited with them – show some emotion

Inspire them to bigger & better accomplishments


Be supportive & show you care

Give them specific plans & activities to be accomplished

Which style
Which Style?

  • Farmers Market information table

    • Arrange materials

    • Greet visitors

    • Look-up answers to questions

    • Tally interactions

    • Packing up

    • Chair (coordinate)

Which style1
Which Style?

  • Monsoon Madness Plant and Yard Sale

    • Entrance greeter w/ clicker (attendance counter)

    • Help customers with plant selections

Key points
Key Points

  • All styles are good; takes all styles to make a dynamic team

  • Most people are not at extreme end of any one style; most will step out of default style when needed, but with extra effort

  • Any style can be a great leader

  • Any style can follow and be a good team member

    What style are you?

How you will know about volunteer opportunities
How you will know about volunteer opportunities -

  • Check e-mail for announcements

  • Mentor can provide input on opportunities that may interest you

  • Volunteer Projects Status Log e-mailed with MGA meeting reminder

  • Can sign-up at MGA meetings (black binder)

  • Recent handout of projects (one-time for today’s sign-up)

  • Create your own project

    • Discuss w/ mentor

    • Notify Jeff / Mary

    • May be asked to submit application

  • Monthly MGA meetings provide volunteer & continuing education hours

Personal projects
Personal Projects

  • “Project” Definition

    A “project” is defined as a work effort that:

    • is a coordinated community, Master Gardener, or Cooperative Extension event


    • is educational for the public and/or Master Gardeners or supports Cooperative Extension purposes/goals

  • Where to find new project ideas:

    • Schools

    • Your neighborhood

    • Community

    • Non-profits

    • Garden clubs

    • Other

  • Volunteer opportunities
    Volunteer Opportunities

    • See Project Status Log

    • Today’s sign-up

      • Farmers Mkt info tables in Sedona, Camp Verde, Prescott

      • Extension Office Helpdesk – office tour / training

      • Speakers Bureau – give talks

      • Arizona Highlands Garden Conference (Oct)

    • Watch for e-mail for Monsoon Madness

    Chairing a project
    Chairing a Project

    • Chair Training

      • Process for getting volunteers

      • How/when to communicate with them

    • Task lists available for repeatable projects

    • Questions?????

    Next steps
    Next Steps

    • Mentors & Mentees

      • Take a few minutes to discuss styles and communication going forward

      • Identify volunteer work that mentee will LOVE

      • Fill out Certification Plan

      • Post your name on the styles sheet on wall

    • Sign-up for some volunteer opportunities today

    • Continue communication over the next months to find volunteer activities that fit your style

    • Have fun!!!!

    Current or upcoming volunteer opportunities I’m interested in:

    Project Date

    _________________________________________ _______________

    _________________________________________ _______________

    _________________________________________ _______________

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

    Master Gardener Certification Plan


    June MGA Meeting _____

    __________________________________________ _____

    July __________________________________________ _____

    __________________________________________ _____

    August MGA Meeting _____

    __________________________________________ _____