Bring on the war civil war
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Bring on the War Civil War PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bring on the War Civil War. Mr. Tota. Popular Sovereignty- the principle that settlers within a federal territory have the power to decide the legality of slavery within that territory. Politicians jump all over this…Why?. Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Harriet Beecher Stowe, author

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Bring on the War Civil War

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Bring on the war civil war

Bring on the WarCivil War

Mr. Tota

Bring on the war civil war

  • Popular Sovereignty-

    • the principle that settlers within a federal territory have the power to decide the legality of slavery within that territory.

    • Politicians jump all over this…Why?

Uncle tom s cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

  • Harriet Beecher Stowe, author

    • Explores the horrors of slavery

    • stereo typical characters

    • widely read

    • sold 300,000 copies

    • caused big reaction

    • Lincoln will call her the women that started the Civil War

Bleeding kansas

Bleeding Kansas

  • Stephen Douglas (IL)

    • wealthy, ambitious experienced politician

      • Kansas-Nebraska Act

        • Divide region into two new territories

        • Encourages settlement

          • Hopes to build a transcontinental railroad with terminals in Chicago and St. Louis

        • Popular sovereignty

        • Drive out Native Americans

        • Withdraw Missouri Compromise

      • Nebraska becomes a free state

Bleeding kansas1

Bleeding Kansas

  • Kansas

    • Pro and Anti-Slavery groups flood KS and battle

      • Bribe, intimidate and beat people

    • 1855-1856

      • 200 people are killed in KS

    • Considered the first fighting of the American Civil War

      • 1,500 registered voters

      • 6,000 votes received

    • Vote goes for slavery

Bleeding kansas2

Bleeding Kansas

  • KS splits in 2

    • Pro slavery- Capital La Compton

    • Antislavery Capital –Topeka and Lawrence

  • President Pierce

    • should be slave area

    • anti-slavery side are traitors

  • Pro side destroys Lawrence

    • burns town, report that 5 people are killed

Bleeding kansas3

Bleeding Kansas

  • John Brown

    • Family made big $, but lost it all

    • Lost children to dysentery

  • Turns toward the Anti-slavery movement

    • Believed he was personally chosen by God to end slavery

John brown

JOHN Brown

John brown1

John brown

  • Pottawatomie Killings

    • John Brown and his sons find people they thought burned Lawrence

    • Pulled them out of their homes

    • Killed them with broad swords

    • Cut them up an left them around town

Raid on harper s ferry

Raid on Harper’s Ferry

  • Harper’s Ferry (VA)

    • Arsenal 200,000 weapons

    • John Brown’s Plan

      • Attack arsenal

      • Arm the slaves

      • Lead a slave revolt

    • “Secret Six”

      • Republicans, Financial backers

    • Recruits 21 men

      • Do intel

    • Takes the arsenal easily

    • Takes hostages

      • Important towns people

    • Slaves do not trust/understand him

Raid on harper s ferry1

Raid on Harper’s Ferry

  • Marines roll in

    • Kill 10 of JB’s men

  • JB captured

    • Arrested for treason

    • Pleads not guilty

    • Wants to take stand

      • Gains sympathy

      • Northerners agree with his ideals

    • Hanged, seen as a martyr

  • South

    • This was a violent threat to their way of life

    • They can no longer live in this country

      • Brings us closer to Secession

Bring on the war civil war



Senate beat down

Senate Beat down

  • Charles Sumner

    • Anti-slavery Senator (MA)

    • Crimes against Kansas speech on senate floor

      • Calls out Andrew Butler Congressman (SC)

        • Verbally attacks Butler repeatedly

Senate beat down1

Senate Beat down

  • Preston Brooks

    • Representative (SC)

    • Butler’s nephew

    • Beats Sumner nearly to death with a walking stick

      • 3.5 year recovery

    • Sent walking sticks by voters

Underground railroad

Underground Railroad

  • Secret organization that had hiding places throughout the Northern states

    • Brought enslaved people out of the South to freedom

    • The goal was Canada

  • Harriet Tubman

    • Moses of her people

    • Helped 300 slaves to freedom

    • Women's rights activist


Fugitive slave law

Fugitive Slave law

  • North mad

  • South can get anybody

    • Slaves go to court

      • Judge gets paid based on decision

Dred scott decision

Dred Scott Decision

  • Dred Scott

    • Slave

    • Moved around a lot - MO, WI, IL, back to MO

    • Master died

    • Sues for his freedom

      • Goes to Supreme Court

      • 9 out of 12 Justices are slave owners

Dred scott decision1

DRED Scott Decision

  • Scott loses badly

    • He should not be free

    • Slaves are not citizens

      • No constitutional rights

    • Slaves are property

      • Citizens can not be denied property

        • 4th Amendment

    • MO compromise unconstitutional


Lincoln douglas debates

Lincoln Douglas Debates

  • Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas are both running for US Senate in Illinois

  • Debates were followed by the nation

    • Douglas a strong candidate for the Presidency in 1860

    • Slavery a big issue

    • Douglas for popular sovereignty

    • Lincoln against expansion of slavery

Lincoln douglas debates1

Lincoln Douglas Debates

  • Lincoln put Douglas in a bind

    • Asks “can the people of a territory in any lawful way exclude…slavery from their limits prior to the formation of a State Constitution?

  • Douglas hurt either way

    • Yes

    • show support for popular sovereignty

      • Help him get reelected as Senator

      • But cost him the Southern Support for Presidency

    • No

      • would show that he abandoned popular sovereignty

      • And would cost him senatorial election

  • Lincoln douglas debates2

    Lincoln Douglas Debates

    • Freeport Doctrine

      • Slavery can not be banned (Dred Scott decision) but can be discouraged by local laws.

      • Douglas wins Senatorial election, but loses support for the Presidency

      • Lincoln wins national recognition

    Election of 1860

    Election of 1860

    • Lincoln wins 4 person race.

    • Seven states secede before Abe takes office

      • (SC,MI, FL,AL,GA,LA and TX)

    Fort sumter

    Fort Sumter

    • First Battle of the American Civil War

    • The Confederacy wins battle in Charleston, SC.

      • It is ON!

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