Award in social media level 1
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Award in Social Media Level 1 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Award in Social Media Level 1. Alan Jarvis. Introduction. The structure of the course is as follows: Day 1: Introduction, the different social media channels, who uses them and why. Day 2: How do people use social media, why do businesses use social media? Risks of social media.

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Award in Social Media Level 1

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Award in social media level 1

Award in Social MediaLevel 1

Alan Jarvis



  • The structure of the course is as follows:

    • Day 1: Introduction, the different social media channels, who uses them and why.

    • Day 2: How do people use social media, why do businesses use social media? Risks of social media.

    • Day 3: Using social media to engage with your audience. Set up and customise social media profiles

    • Day 4: Create a publish content to your social media profiles, growing your social media contacts

Think about

Think about

  • Who is your target market?

    • Who buys from you?

    • Why do they choose you?

  • How would they find your business?

  • If they search for you product or service on-line what would they type in the Google search box?

  • Think of 3-5 key words (word or short phrases) which describe your business

Social media channels lo1

Social Media Channels (LO1)

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • MySpace

  • Google+

  • Blog sites, eg blogger, WordPress, TumbLr

Characteristics of media channels

Characteristics Of Media Channels

  • Facebook: news feed, timeline, friends, pages

  • Twitter:tweets, retweets, following, timeline.

  • LinkedIn: groups, status updates, home page, extended links, newsfeed, recommendations

  • Pinterest: boards, pins



Sponsored targeted adverts

Your Pages

Like button

News Feed - updates from ‘friends’

Comments and ‘Likes’ on status updates





Updates (recommended news and jobs plus updates from your contacts)

  • Key features of Linkedin include:

  • Contacts

  • Groups

  • Endorsements



News feed

Compose a new Tweet

Tweets from people I follow

Retweets from people I follow

Suggestions for people to follow


Trends (popular #tags)



Create Boards on a particular topic, then Pin links to relevant web pages

Characteristics of media channels1

Characteristics of Media Channels

  • Many other sites such as:

    • Google+: circles, groups, streams, hangouts, messaging, photos, newsfeed

    • Blog sites: posts (images, text, video), comments. Examples:, Wordpress

      • Blogs are a simple way to create a web page on any subject, such as a business or personal interest.

      • Video bloggers can even make money from their sites if it is really popular – see here

      • Example blog here



How to use different channels

How to use different channels



(and maybe Linkedin)



Save information for use later


Customers and people interested in your product/service

Facebook page

Primary method of engagement

Dynamic, short term

You Tube Channel



Website or Blog page

More detail, less dynamic



  • Complete workbook sections

    • 1.1 - State the major social media Channels

    • 1.2 - Identify reasons for using each of the major social media channels for personal use

    • 1.3 - State the main differences between the major social media channels

What we aim for

What we aim for….

That’s interesting

That’s useful

Bit of an expert

That’s funny

Positive feeling



Specialist social media channels lo2

Specialist Social Media Channels (LO2)

  • There are a number of ‘specialist’ social media channels:

    • Music:

      • Lastfm

      • Buzznet

      • Jango

    • Images/video:

      • Flickr

      • YouTube

      • PictureSocial



You can create a YouTube channel to promote you interests or business

Reasons for using specialist social media

Reasons For Using Specialist Social Media

  • Meeting people with similar interests

  • Gaining access to specialist tools

  • Get recognition

  • Promotion

  • Open up opportunities

  • Make contacts

Characteristics of specialist social media channels

Characteristics Of Specialist Social Media Channels

  • Flickris an online photo management and sharing application.

  • YouTubeallows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.

  • builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of the tracks the user listens to.

  • Differences?



  • Complete sections

    • 2.1 - State the specialist social media channels

    • 2.2 - Identify reasons for using each of the specialist social media channels for personal use

    • 2.3 - State the main differences between the specialist social media channels

Why do we use social media channels lo3

Why Do We Use Social Media Channels? (LO3)

  • To build a community, make friends (social networking)

    • Communicate to friends and family

    • Tell people about our lives

  • Open up opportunities

    • Socially

    • In business

  • Promote a business

  • Promote a cause, change peoples’ views and opinions

  • Find out what is happening

Who uses social media channels

Who uses social media channels?

  • Age distribution

The millenials

The Millenials

  • People born between 1978 and 1994 (aged 19-34) were the first generation raised on the Internet and are the largest group of users.

  • On average they spend 23 minutes on line every day

  • 59% use the internet as a primary source of news

  • 75% of them have created a social media profile and 26% of them visit a social networking site every day

Average age by site

Average age by site





Advantages of building online community

Advantages Of Building Online Community

  • Learning social skills, finding friends

  • Improving confidence

  • Improving literacy and ICT skills

  • Gaining knowledge

  • Being valued for contribution

  • Social activity

Benefits of using social media

Benefits Of Using Social Media

  • Build and maintain relationships with large numbers of people

  • Can communicate at any time

  • Geographical area not an obstacle

  • Cost savings (compared with traditional communication methods)



  • Complete sections

    • 3.1 - Identify why an individual uses social media

    • 3.2 - Explain the advantages of an individual building an online community

    • 3.3 - State the benefits of an individual using social media for engagement

Day 2

Day 2

  • Comments or questions from yesterday?

  • Today

    • Focus on business use of social media.

Social media for business lo4

Social media for business (LO4)

  • Why do businesses use social media?

  • Because everyone does!

  • Create a buzz around you business or brand

  • Find out what customers and others are saying

  • Cheaper alternative to traditional advertising

Social media for business

Social Media For Business

  • Make new contacts, advertising to wider audiences

  • Build online business, open up new business opportunities

  • Develop/establish a brand, help grow a business, connect to wider/global markets

  • Connect with new groups/types of customer, establish a reputation

  • Easy cost effective way to support customers, answer questions

Business use of social media

Business use of social media

Many big businesses use the full range of social media channels

Building an online community

Building An Online Community

  • Advantages, e.g. gaining/retaining customers, spreading brand awareness

  • Establishing a reputation for customer service/response to feedback

  • Reducing support costs

  • Enhancing search engine placement (improve Google ranking)

Facebook how to get more followers

Facebook – how to get more followers

  • What are you business goals?

  • Who is your target market?

  • How can you help your target market?

  • What language do they use?

  • What benefits can you offer them

Get more facebook likes

Get more Facebook likes

  • Be consistent

  • Use eye catching images

  • Keep it short

  • Use a voice which is true to your brand

  • Ask your fans to share or like

  • Be entertaining and educational

  • Make lists (top 10….)

Business benefits of social media

Business Benefits of Social Media

  • Better market knowledge

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Obtaining recommendations

  • Developing leads



  • 4.1 Identify why a business uses social media

  • Unit 2 1.2 Describe how a business uses different types of social media tools to engage with their audience

  • Explain the advantages of a business building an online community

Identify risks a ssociated with u sing social media

Identify Risks AssociatedWith Using Social Media

  • Business risks

    • Malware

    • Legal liability for posted content,

    • Time wasting

    • Vulnerability to hackers,

    • Vulnerability to malicious posters/commenters

    • Disclosure of confidential information

    • PR disasters

Monitoring social m edia

Monitoring Social Media

  • Reasons for being aware, e.g. being able to respond quickly to unhappy customers or adverse events

  • Being able to capitalise on good comments & events

  • Improving knowledge of where the business is being publicised/who is reading about it

Monitoring tools

Monitoring Tools

  • Google analytics

  • Facebook Insights

  • Hootsuite,

  • Klout

  • TweetReach

  • Peerindex,

  • Social Mmention


Social media policy

Social Media Policy

  • Promoting company philosophy

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest

  • Security concerns

  • Establishing a business identity

  • Ensuring confidentiality of business and customer information

  • Promoting honesty and respect in communications, helping with compliance with other business policies such as codes of conduct,

  • Separating company and personal messages




Risks associated with using social media

Risks Associated With Using Social Media

  • Personal use

    • Disclosure of private information,

    • Cyber stalking/bullying,

    • Access to inappropriate/illegal material,

    • Phishing,

    • Malware,

    • Legal liability for posted content

On line safety

On-line safety

  • You need really strong passwords

    • Longer the better

    • A mixture of letters, numbers and symbols

    • Don’t use all the same passwords for all your accounts

  • Always log out and shut down your browser

  • Check sites you log into are secure (https and the green padlock)

  • Never follow a link in a suspicious email and enter log-in information.

  • Keep your operating system and browser up to date.




  • Describe why a business should be aware when they are mentioned in social media

  • State the benefits of a business using social media for engagement

  • Identify ways of monitoring social media engagement

  • Identify risks associated with using social media for personal use

  • Identify risks associated with using social media for business

  • Explain why a business should have a social media policy

Social media for personal use

Social Media for Personal Use

Unit 2

Set up personal social media profiles

Set Up Personal Social MediaProfiles

  • Sign up procedure for different types of tool

  • Selection of an appropriate range of tools

  • Sign up and configuration of basic settings/profile for selected range of tools, e.g. registering name, creating pages, permissions/privacy settings

Set up an account

Set Up An Account





  • Understanding facebook privacy

Customise personal s ocial media p rofiles

Customise Personal SocialMedia Profiles

  • Advanced settings, eg contact lists, linking media, linking other accounts

  • Creating/joining groups, adding extra admins, managing tags

  • Managing comments

Customise personal social media profiles

Customise Personal SocialMedia Profiles

  • Ads and Additional Privacy Settings

  • Creating Your Profile

  • Finding Friends

  • Sharing and Your Timeline

  • Login