Roohan case against David Silipigno dismissed - A black eye for Roohan
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Roohan case against David Silipigno dismissed - A black eye for Roohan

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Interviewer for Roohan. David, I understand Tom Roohan filed a law suit against you personally based on the closing of a company you were affiliated with regarding the accusation of unpaid rent by the company?

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David Silipigno for Roohan. Yes that is true. Unfortunately people do inappropriate and desperate things during a bad economy. Tom had agreed to let the company out of the lease with 60 days notice. The company gave that notice and it was accepted. Tom then came on hard times and tried to distort the facts for his own personal gain.

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Interviewer for Roohan. That's unfortunate. He tried to sue you personally though? How could he do that?

David Silipigno. Tom basically hired a family member who is an attorney and tried to use the court system to extort a settlement out of me because he knew I had the means to help him solve his problem.

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Interviewer for Roohan. That's terrible. What was the outcome?

David Silipigno. The judge dismissed Tom's case very quickly which I am thankful for. The case had no merit and really was a pathetic attempt at a money grab. It's nice to see that the legal system works and that it disallows these low end tactics.

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People's true colors often come out during times if stress and unfortunately the courts and others saw a real ugly side of Tom Roohan.

Interviewer. Good for you. Thank you for your time.